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Father Who Wanted a Son Burned His Baby Daughter Alive

The man poured petrol over the baby and set her on fire.






A man named Jahirul Islam, from Narayanganj in Bangladesh, burned his nine-month-old daughter alive. He was allegedly upset that his wife gave birth to a girl instead of a boy. According to reports, a family feud caused by the issue was already persisting before the man, an electrician by profession, burned his daughter alive.

Jahirul and his wife, Kulsum Begum, were married in November 2016. After Kulsum gave birth to a baby girl nine months ago, she was asked by Jahirul to send the child to her parents’ house in Comilla. Kulsum didn’t want to send her daughter away, and the couple fought over the matter for months.

Reports say Jahirul poured petrol over his baby daughter while she was sleeping.

He then set her on fire. He also reportedly turned the fan on in the room to let the fire spread, and he stopped his wife from trying to save the child. Kulsum, in her attempt to save her daughter, sustained burn injuries. The incident happened at Jahirul’s house in Pakunda, Jampur Union.

Kulsum told authorities that Jahiral was a drug addict and used to abuse her.

She was quoted in a report as saying:

“He beat me up several times after taking drugs.”

The father also did not allow anyone to bring the child to the hospital. Instead, he called for a ‘Kabiraj’ or a village Ayurvedic doctor to treat his daughter. With the lack of proper medical attention, the infant died days later. The child’s body was turned over to the authorities for an autopsy.

Kulsum is asking for justice for her late daughter.

She urged the authorities to do everything they can to find justice for her deceased daughter. The police are on a manhunt to catch the accused and other suspects from his family, but the suspects have reportedly gone into hiding.

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Utah Mayor Goes Undercover, Disguises As Homeless Guy For 3 Days

According to Mayor Ben McAdams, his experience living as a homeless man was “shocking”.

Mark Andrew



Remember Mitchell Modell, the CEO who went undercover to surprise his homeless employee? You probably do! That Undercover Boss episode received a lot of love and attention on the internet because it was really amazing and touching at the same time.

Now we've recently heard the story of a mayor from Utah who actually took the time to disguise as a homeless man for 3 days and 2 nights. The big difference between him and Modell? He wasn't filming scenes for a TV show but he did it to observe the conditions and concerns of homeless people within his jurisdiction.

Mayor Ben McAdams of Salt Lake County, Utah lived among the homeless in the Rio Grande neighborhood.

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Illegal Discharge Pollutes Niagara Falls With Black Sewage Water

This is so disheartening and painful to look at.




Earth is filled with many wonders that showcase unexplainable beauty. Case in point, the Niagara Falls is among these. It is unlike any other falls in the planet. Sad to say, however, humanity is starting to pollute and destroy it.

Reports claim that the calm and relaxing waters of Niagara Falls is starting to be smelly. It gushes with an unpleasant black sludge believed to be the result of a leak.

Niagara Falls is regarded as the 8th wonder in the world.

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There’s a Garbage Patch as Big as Mexico Floating in the Pacific Ocean!

A group of researchers spotted the huge garbage patch in a remote pocket of the Pacific Ocean.

Faye Williams



Environmentalists rage against pollution. For many years now, they've warned us about the ocean being contaminated with various pollutants. However, it's easy to ignore what they say when we don't actually see these pollutants. Then again, it's hard to ignore a huge garbage patch that's the same size as Mexico. It was spotted floating in the Pacific Ocean.

The Mexico-sized heap of garbage was discovered by oceanographer Charles Moore and the rest of his team from the Algalita Research Foundation. They had gone on a six-month voyage around the Pacific.

A garbage patch that's as big as a country.

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