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‘Real-Life Superhero’ Is On A Mission To Hunt Serial Killer




  • A self-confessed ‘real-life superhero’ in Little Rock, Arkansas is on a mission to hunt down a serial killer terrorizing the area.
  • According to Shadow Vision, he’s promising residents that the slasher “will pay for what he has done.”
  • Shadow Vision patrols the streets on foot, wearing superhero gear.

A ‘real-life superhero’ in Little Rock, Arkansas is on a mission to bring down a serial killer in the area – and he’s serious about it.

“This is a promise to the people of Little Rock,” wrote Shadow Vision in a Facebook comment. “When I find the slasher he will pay for what he has done. Nobody terrorizes my people like this.”

The vigilante, who currently has more than 8,900 followers on Facebook, has declared it his duty to “protect the innocent at whatever cost.” And he really wants to catch the serial stabber.

According to reports, the unknown murderer has killed three over the past year. Authorities warn the person is armed and dangerous.

This, however, does not scare Shadow Vision.

As he posted on Facebook:

“I know that the serial stabber is keeping a eye on my page here. So this is a threat to you when I find you I will show you what I do to serial killers. I am hunting you right now.”

Shadow Vision – who roams around Little Rock wearing his superhero costume – claims to have “stopped a couple of armed robberies” and “exterminated two serial killers.”

As of this writing, the self-proclaimed crime fighter doesn’t have his own car yet and is hoping to raise funds for a Scion. So he can patrol the streets better.

““I really do not want any reward,” said Shadow Vision, whose identity remains a secret – just like the comicbook superheroes. “I want him off the streets. One way or another, he will be.”

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