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9 Famous International Tripoints Around The World

These tripoints are where you can see multiple countries at the same time.






Do you know that there are around 157 International tripoints in the world? To begin with, a tripoint is a geographical location where the border of three countries meets. So the more neighbors a nation has, the more international tripoint it has.

Say for example China has the most with 18 while Russia has around 11 to 14. Here’s a list of some of the well known International tripoints in the world.

1. Treriksröset (Sweden/Norway/Finland)

Sweden, Norway and Finland’s border point is called Treriksröset, which means Three-Country Cairn.

The tripoint monument in Lake Goldajärvi is a yellow dome-shaped stone made of concrete.

2. Triple Frontier (Paraguay/Argentina/Brazil)

Source: Alchetron
One of the most famous tri-borders in the world, the Triple Frontier.

Source: Wikipedia

Located between the borders of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, this is where the Iguazu and Parana rivers converge. Electricity is also produced through its Itaipu hydroelectric power plant.

3. Dreiländereck (Germany/Switzerland/France)

Source: Wikipedia

Dreiländereck in Basel, Switzerland is the most striking tripoint monument, makring the borders of Germany, Switzerland, and France that meet the tripoint. But the exact tripoint of these countries is in the middle of the Rhine river.

4. Tumba Peak (Bulgaria/Greece/Macedonia)

Source: Wikipedia

Located in the Belsica mountains of Macedonia, Tumba Peak is known to be the point where the borders of Bulgaria, Greece, and Macedonia meet. An international excursion named “Balkans Without Borders” is organized every August.

5. Treriksrøysa (Norway/Finland/Russia)

Finland, Norway and Russia’s meeting point for their borders is the Treriksrøys and it is the only landbased point wherein three separate timezones interlock. One should know that it is prohibited to cross Russia from Norway or Finland. Not just that, any provocative behavior like urinating in the borderline is illegal.

6. Tripoint in Lake Prespa (Albania/Greece/Macedonia)

The Prespa Lake shared by Albania, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia is the tripoint of these 3 countries.

7. Mount Roraima Tripoint (Guyana/Venezuela/Brasil)

Considered as the highest tepui plateau in South America, this tripoint is surrounded by 400 meters tall cliffs on all sides and with a summit spanning a staggering 31 square kilometers.

It is a sight to behold but access to the area is only possible through the Venezuela side at the moment.

Source: JISCMail
8. Tripoint – Oman/Saudi Arabia/Yemen

Source: Confluence

In an empty quarter of the Arabian Desert is where this tripoint can be located.

9. African Quadripoint (BONUS)

Source: Wikipedia
The only Quadripoint in the whole world is located in Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

Source: Wikipedia

It would be hard to find any markers because the border is actually in the middle of the river.

Is there a tripoint in your country?

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