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Family Lives With Massive Crocodile As House Pet

His owner’s mother even considers the crocodile as one of her grandkids!

Nobelle Borines





Most people are satisfied with taking care of a dog or a cat. However, a family in Indonesia have a truly amazing pet. They have been living with a massive 200kg crocodile for the past 21 years.

Kojek the crocodile is the beloved pet of Irwan of Bogor, West Java in Indonesia. He regularly scrubs the reptile’s whole body, washes its pool, and brushes its teeth. Although Irwan’s family was initially unsure about keeping the croc, they have all grown to love Kojek.

Meet Kojek, a crocodile who has been living as a house pet for 21 years.


Kojek’s life could have been a lot shorter if Irwan didn’t find him. Irwan found the crocodile when it was only a baby and was being abused by some kids. When he realized that the children meant to kill the tiny 30cm croc, he offered to buy it from them then took it home.

The crocodile has certainly grown over the past 21 years. Kojek is now around two meters long and weighs 200kgs. His hefty weight comes from the fresh fish that Irwan feeds him every week. Not surprisingly, Kojek has been nicknamed the “fat crocodile” by the neighbors.

Despite his scary appearance, Irwan claims that Kojek is tame and wouldn’t harm anyone. Even Irwan’s wife and three children are quick to defend the crocodile, revealing he has only killed a few cats in the past.

The family pampers Kojek whenever they can.

Unfortunately, Kojek’s life in luxury has come to an end. The Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) has confiscated the crocodile. Under Indonesian law, the crocodile is classified as a protected animal and cannot be kept as a pet.

Removing Kojek was reportedly a struggle as the crocodile seemed unwilling to leave his home. Irwan’s mother also wept as the croc was taken away, claiming that she regarded Kojek as one of her grandchildren.

Kojek has been moved to the Taman Safari Conservation Park. Irwan and his family have been dissuaded to visit their beloved pet to avoid the delay of Kojek’s acclimatization process.

Watch the full story below:

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Say Goodbye To Stinky Farts With The Flatulence Filtering Jeans

It costs £100 and people are buying!

Mark Andrew



While farting is a normal body function, it’s still a pretty embarrassing thing - especially if you do it in public. Just imagine accidentally letting some air out during a first date or while you’re meeting with a potential client. Those scenarios can surely be disastrous!

Well now you don’t have to worry about those horrific possibilities anymore. With this new invention, farting in public will no longer be an awkward experience.

Now you can release gas with total confidence – anytime, anywhere.

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Japanese Vending Machine Is Serving Insects As Snacks On The Go

Just in case you feel like eating bugs…

Mark Andrew



It may no longer be a surprise for many that insects are being served as exotic dishes in some restaurants across the world. For instance, we've previously heard about cricket-sprinkled doughnuts and while we exactly aren't fans of that strange food, experts are saying that such insects are actually good or the health.

If you don't mind munching on these little critters, you might be interested to know that Japan now has a vending machine dedicated exclusively for insect lovers. It may sound bizarre to some but if you're curious about trying bugs for the first time, you can now get your chance without having to drop by a specialty restaurant.

A Twitter user fromJapan spotted an insect vending machine at Kokai Shopping District in the city of Kumamoto.

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Little Boy Gets Extremely Mad After Mom Says She’s Pregnant

This boy is not happy about the baby announcement!

Mark Andrew



Pregnancy announcements are often exciting and heartwarming. We’ve seen many of these stories go viral on social media as videos (or photos) capture the touching reaction of a surprised spouse or partner right after the announcement is made. Welcoming a new baby is indeed one of the milestones in the life of a couple!

It seems, however, that little children are not that good at taking the news positively. As you can see on the hilarious video below, one young boy was extremely furious upon learning that her mother has a new baby on the way.

“What were you thinking?” asked 6-year-old Trey. “Why you have to just get another baby? You just had two!”

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