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Experts Reveal The Real Reason Behind The Red Sun Phenomenon In UK

Unfortunately, the explanation behind the fascinating phenomenon is a bit worrying.

Mark Lester Celozar





If you’ve been to Twitter these past few days, then you probably already know about the red sun phenomenon that happened in the UK recently. The strange occurrence practically made the sun look like something you’d see from a post-apocalyptic movie or video game.

The bizarre phenomenon is undeniably something to look at. According to the reports, it was witnessed almost everywhere in the UK.

Images of the fascinating phenomenon flooded the Twitter over the past few days.

Source: Pixabay
Imagine seeing this in the afternoon sky.

Despite the apocalyptic semblance of the phenomenon, Brits just laughed it off and just stayed cool.

Some even quoted Legolas’ famous line from the Lord of the Rings.

Unfortunately, the explanation behind the fascinating phenomenon is a bit worrying.

Studies say that the red sun phenomenon had something to do with hurricanes.

Similar to the red skies phenomenon that happened over the Disneyland recently, the experts say that the red sun phenomenon also originated from the hurricanes, particularly the hurricane Ophelia. For those who don’t know, hurricane Ophelia is currently known as the strongest East Atlantic storm ever recorded.

Studies discovered that the category 1 hurricane have brought the Sahara sands with it.

The reddish color of the sun and the mute color of the sky were due to the debris and dust all over the sky. During an interview with BBC, the weather presenter Simon King explained:

Ophelia originated in the Azores where it was a hurricane and as it tracked its way northwards it dragged in tropical air from the Sahara. Because the dust is so high, light from the Sun is scattered in the longer wavelengths, which is more the red part of the spectrum, so it appears red to our eyes.

Well, despite its connection with the terrible hurricane, at least we can finally breathe a sigh of relief that the world is not ending yet. Praise the sun, eh?

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Guy’s Epic Photoshopped Pics Shows Him Hanging Out With His Younger Self

The sky is definitely the limit if you are a Photoshop expert.

Mark Andrew



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And of course, there are also those who are like Conor Nickerson who use it for worthwhile, heartwarming personal projects. Apparently, the graphic artist and photographer took it upon himself to insert himself in his childhood pictures from 1997 to 2005.

So far, the results have been pretty epic and the internet has totally been blown away by his realistic output! The angles and lighting, in particular, are so convincing some might not realize that the photos were edited in the first place.

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