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Father’s Twitter Posts About His Four Daughters Are Pure Comedy Gold

James Breakwell is probably the funniest dad on Twitter!

Mark Andrew





James Breakwell is some sort of an internet celebrity – well, a comedic celebrity, at least. The guy has amassed a huge social media following and most people know him as Exploding Unicorn.

How did he become popular, you ask? Well, he’s achieved online fame by posting funny parenting tweets – most of which are conversations with his four young daughters.

Indianapolis-based comedy writer James Breakwell often shares his funny conversations with his daughters on Twitter.

A comedy writer by profession, this father from Indianapolis is a natural when it comes to finding humor in everyday experiences. Since starting his Twitter page in April 2016, hundreds of thousands of followers have been entertained by his laugh-out-loud posts. He has also been repeatedly featured on BoredPanda and numerous other websites.

Moreover, he is also set release his own book soon and its entitled “Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.”

From that title alone, we’re pretty sure that would be hilarious as well!

Now go browse below for some of his popular – and funniest – Twitter posts:

#1. The birthday cake.

#2. The girl’s got a point.

#3. Vegetable pun.

#4. The Force is strong with this one…

#5. The imaginary beer.

#6. Oh God!

#7. The dog’s got competition.

#8. She’s learning what it takes to be one.

#9. Just a thought.

#10. A plot hole in The 3 Little Pigs.

#11. You’re using it wrong, Dad.

#12. Are you mad?

#13. Definitely up to something.

#14. Well, that’s deep.

#15. I’d be totally creeped out.

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Creepy Father and Son Photo Recreation Is Making Everyone Feel Uncomfortable

Funny or awkward? Leave a comment below!

Mark Andrew



Recreating old photos up almost always ends up being very hilarious, or really, really heartwarming. If you want proof of that, you just have to check out our posts about siblings recreating their childhood photos (the funny) and couples doing the same (which is, of course, the adorably sweet one).

There are certain instances, however, when a photo recreation takes a weird unexpected turn.

Case in point, this father and son tandem did take the time to recreate an old photo and then posted it on the internet. The picture later went viral but it left everyone confused about what to feel about it.

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6 Idiotic Things That IT Professionals Always Have To Deal With

How could some people be so dumb?

Mark Andrew



Imagine how it would be like if only we didn’t have any dumb, arrogant people. The world would probably be a better place!

Just ask those working in retail and you would probably end up feeling surprised with the amount of crap they have to go through each day as they deal with annoying customers.

Actually, the same thing can be said for those working as IT professionals. Things even took a worse turn for these poor souls as they are perceived by some either as gods who can miraculously fix any tech glitch or as slaves who they can ask anytime to do some lowly job.

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Samsung Destroys Twitter Troll’s Dick Pic Joke With One Savage Emoji

I see what you did there, Samsung!

Mark Andrew



It’s always hilarious when a big company’s social media account manager lets loose once in a while and goes beyond the ‘standard’ customer service etiquette. Remember our previous post about Wendy’s amusing rampage on Twitter? Well, that was undoubtedly awesome! We were all left laughing hard when we saw how the fastfood giant not only mercilessly attacked their competition but even played the dreaded Grammar Nazi.

Recently, Samsung has joined the savage club after destroying one of their trolls on Twitter.

Although the company has had its share of controversies regarding their exploding Galaxy Note 7s and washing machines, it looks like this burn – no pun intended - has helped them gain new fans.

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