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25 Times Things Went Wrong But The Result Is So Right





Mistakes happen all the time — it’s natural, it’s part of life. These errors should not be taken way too seriously as they remind us that nothing in this world is perfect.

However, some of these “mistakes” were bound to happen so you would discover something extraordinary. Here are 25 times things went wrong, but the result is so right.

1. The error screen resembles a city skyline.

2. A frozen coke looks like a wooden bottle.

3. A cloud shaped like a UFO.

4. Four egg yolk in one.

5. The lights from the window gave a rainbow effect to the cheese.

6. Spilled water shaped like a wild boar.

7. A glue bottle made of glue.
8. Spilled ketchup shaped like a bird.

9. Wine, anyone?

10. Stains that look like art.
11. A coffee forest.

12. The ripped part of the painting looks like a boat.

13. Picasso on the floor.

14. Tattooed road.

15. When your broken microwave screen shows you a picture of the Mt. Fuji instead of time.

16. A water mark that looks like a tree.

17. A broken TV can serve as a modernized painting.

18. A heart-shaped egg yolk.

19. Onions have too many layers.

20. A beetroot stain that shaped like Mushu in Mulan.

21. Must be his favorite number.

22. When your candle melted and revealed a stunning sculpture.

23. Hi, friendly root.

24. Oil + rain on asphalt = a masterpiece.

25. A broken lid that looked like a jigsaw puzzle of skyscrapers.

It’s no secret that mistaked are bound to happen every single day. However, this list is a reminder that not all mistakes are ugly and useless.

Which one was your favorite “mistake”? Let us know in the comments section below!

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