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30 Things That Look Like Other Things At First Glance





As humans, our ability to recognize objects begins to form at a very young age, practically as soon as our eyes can focus. However, things can easily masquerade themselves as other stuff, and it’s really quite funny.

There are so many photos that prove how the different things around us can be the same, but our eyes could see them as something else. Here are 30 things that look like other things at first glance.

1. This is not a map, it’s a corrosion on the water tap.
2. These Coatis look like mini Brachiosaurus.
3. “The picture of a frozen puddle in my backyard looks like a landscape from the perspective of a plane.”
4. “At the time of washing, he looks like a Polar Bear.”
5. The fog covers the bottom of the stadium and it looked like a UFO.
6. These Boxing photos during weigh-ins look like gay weddings.
7. “The view from my house looks like a painting.”
8. A feather-looking cloud.
9. The inside of a cheese grater looks like a futuristic studio.
10. A huge eyeball made of ice.
11. Flowers that look like chickens with glasses.
12. “My friend’s cow looks like outer space.”
13. This is not a forest, this is an HD photo of the blood vessels in the human eye.
14. “I almost had a heart attack this morning.”
15. Is it an egg or a snail?
16. “This jellyfish I caught a picture of, looking like it’s in space.”
17. It’s not a hole in the ground.

18. A snow lizard?
19. Is it a watermelon or an apple. The answer is neither. It’s actually a pumpkin.
20. “Took a photo of my parents dog, she looks like a wall mount.”
21. These are buses carrying pilgrims, not stacks of cassette tapes.
22. An ocean inside a rock.
23. When a snowbank looked like a mountain range.
24. These are not ancient hieroglyphs, it’s just normal letters typed over each other three times.
25. This peach with syrup could pass as a huge egg.
26. Toothpaste monkey.
27. When a fallen tree looks like a prop in “Game of Thrones.”
28. “Photo I took of a lake through the else of binoculars looks like a planet.”
29. “My friend’s smoked cauliflower looks like an explosion.”
30. “When your travel pillow makes you look like Shakespeare.”

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