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30 Photos Of Objects Cut In Half To Reveal Their Hidden Side





They say curiosity is lust of the mind. The more you see, the more you want to know. There are so many ways to view things around you; you can look at them from the side, you can look at them upside-down, and you can even look at them through rose-tinted glasses.

The modern world is full of so many cool things, but how do they actually work? We might not know how these things function, but we can at least know what they look like inside by cutting them in half. Here are 30 photos of objects cut in half to reveal their hidden side.

1. Fukang meteorite
2. Banana tree trunks
3. Rattle snake’s rattle
4. Pearls
5. Bloodwood tree

The Corymbia opaca, mostly knows as the bloodwood tree, is native to Australia. While it looked like a regular tree from the outside, it reveals its amazing and unique feature when you cut it.

6. Mechanical calculator
7. When a small object hits a spacecraft.
8. “Mark Twain Tree”
9. Tortoise’s skeleton
10. Capsule of a poppy (herbaceous flowering plants)
11. Tree fern

When you cut a tree fern in half, you will a find a beautiful artwork inside. It’s so cool to think that Mother Nature has these hidden gems for us to find.

12. Firework shell
13. Rock in New Zealand called Tokangawhā or Split Apple Rock
14. Hedgehog’s skeleton
15. Wasp’s nest
16. The Golden Gate Bridge
17. CT Scanner
18. “Lasagna” style bulb planting also called double-decker bulb planting

This style of planting is called this odd name because it resembles the process of making a lasagna, which is a layered pasta dish.

19. Military tank
20. Bowling ball
21. Subsea power cable
22. Vintage Zippo lighter

23. Canon camera
24. Leica Tri-Elmar-M 28-35-50mm
25. The “Keg Of Life”
26. Mechanical calculator
27. Cactus

If you think of a cactus, we’re pretty sure yo don’t expect that its inside looks like this.

28. Fragmentation grenade
29. Accordion
30. Land Rover
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