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6 Public Marriage Proposals That Totally Went Wrong





Marriage proposals are always a big deal. A man has to plan it well enough to make sure that it turns out romantic and memorable. Still, even the best of preparations does not always guarantee that the woman will answer in the affirmative, right?

Yes, things can still actually go south despite your good intentions and best efforts. What’s even worse is when you decide to do your proposal in public since, you know, other people will be able to witness your failure. Now that’s double the heartbreak!

The list below shows us that sometimes, it might just be a better idea to propose in private. Read on and see for yourself:

#1. A marriage proposal and a ukelele.

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This one happened in Dubai. A guy and his girlfriend of three months were in the mall where they met. As they approached a group of street musicians, the man suddenly picked up the microphone and popped the golden question.

The problem? The girl got really uncomfortable about the whole thing that she couldn’t help but say “Oh my God, everyone’s watching,” and then proceeded to do something totally unexpected.

#2. Proposal at an UCLA basketball game.

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During an UCLA basketball game, a fan proposed to his girlfriend as they were captured by “Kiss Cam”.

He dropped on one knee and said:

“I knew I was going to do this the first day I met you, so I know this is going to sound corny but…will you marry me?”

Unfortunately for him, the feeling wasn’t mutual. She rejected him in front of an audience of 10,000!

#3. Another basketball-related failure.

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Meanwhile, another guy went the extra mile and tricked his girlfriend so she thought she won a contest during a Washington Wizard’s game. She walked around blindfolded around the court and then he later greeted her while wearing a mascot costume.

Cute and sweet, you say? Apparently, the girl didn’t think so.

#4. All part of the act? Probably not!

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In Washington DC, a standup comedian proposed to his girlfriend onstage at the Riot Act Theater. According to the video uploader, “Originally it looked like it was going to be an act, but then her friends left after her.”

Well that’s really awkward!

#5. Born Ruffians proposal gone wrong.

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Guys, here’s a friendly tip: If you’re going to propose to your girlfriend during a Born Ruffians show, at least make sure that she’s actually there. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to wear a shirt!

#6. The longest two minutes of his life.

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Well this one isn’t exactly an epic fail since the girl said didn’t storm off or hit the guy with a ukelele!

Adrian, the guy, came up with the idea of proposing while Libby, his girlfriend, was removing newspaper from their new salon’s windows. However, she was too focused on her tasked that she didn’t even notice him outside the door.

So he had to wait on his knee for about two minutes – which is a total pain for him since he broke his back eight days ago.

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