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30 Epic Design Fails That Will Make You Do A Double-Take





Sometimes, getting the right design could be quite challenging, especially if it’s not well thought out. Just like these hilarious design fails that will definitely make someone cringe. The best part is, these overly creative designers seemed to get away with it. Although some of these mistakes are most likely unintentional, they still manage to change the way we see these things. From an awkward-looking sofa to double meaning texts — these design fails will definitely not go unnoticed.

Check out this hilarious compilation and have a good laugh along the way.

#1 I wonder if they still get customers with that name.

Source: reddit
#2 This looks like a really hard rock to climb.

Source: reddit
#3 That’s quite a subtle message.

Source: reddit
#4 Gives new meaning to sharing.

Source: reddit
#5 This sofa is so awkward, I had to do a double-take.

Source: reddit
#6 That’s quite impossible to miss.

Source: reddit
#7 Drink holder? More like a drink spiller.

Source: reddit
#8 Do not take this the wrong way.

Source: reddit
#9 Personal space, please.

Source: reddit
#10 For some reason, the guy looks quite happy.

Source: reddit
#11 Animal what???

Source: peanutismint
#12 That’s an interesting bike lane.

#13 Camel Balls anyone?

#14 Cinderella with a really bad nose job.

#15 That’s a filthy-looking sink.

Source: bergerNfries
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