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EMT Proposed to Domestic Violence Survivor He Helped Save Three Years Ago.

First responder proposed to his girlfriend who is a domestic violence survivor he helped save three years ago.

Jessa Ventures





‘Moments of excruciating pain led her to a lifetime of happiness.’

Melissa Dohme almost died three years ago after being stabbed 32 times in the face and neck by her ex-boyfriend. The domestic violence survivor, only 20 years old then, spent the next three weeks in the hospital, flat-lining four times–fighting for her life. Much to everyone’s amazement, she made it alive. Melissa even left rehab walking on her own, traveled and went back to school, stronger more than ever.

Melissa in cowboy boots and Cameron in blue jacket as the latter asked ‘Will you marry me?’ during the Tampa Bay Rays’ game.


Photo credit: Tampa Bay Times

Three years later, she is about to get married to her boyfriend Cameron Hill, the first responder who helped save her life. After her recovery, she devoted her time to be a domestic violence advocate and was recently invited to throw the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays’ game. Little did she know, Cameron was going to propose to her. When she stepped to the plate, preparing to throw, Cameron ran towards her and gave her the ball with these four words written on it, ‘Will you marry me?’ He then knelt down with a little box and a ring inside.

Both surprised and happy, Melissa said yes, kissed her ‘soon to be husband’ and was still able to throw the first pitch successfully.

Melissa said yes to boyfriend Cameron, the EMT who helped saved her life years ago.


Photo credit: Tampa Bay Times

Recalling the incident, Cameron said,

It was so bad. You couldn’t tell she was blond,” Hill told the Tampa Bay Times. For some reason, I didn’t think it would be the last time I was going to see her.

True enough, they saw each other again when Melissa spoke at a church and  they began dating soon after.

If you believe there’s good in the world then you’ll find it,  Dohme said. I believe he’s the answer to my prayers that I’ve prayed all the time.

Second chance at life and love. Nothing can really be sweeter and better than that.

H/T: Elite Daily, The Washington Post, Tampa Bay Times


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Artistic tattoos help breast cancer survivors fight the negative psychological and emotional effects of surgery.

Ann Moises



Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer that affects women worldwide. In 2012, there were approximately 1.7 million newly diagnosed cases of breast cancer. The World Health Organization estimated that 521,000 people succumbed to this fatal disease that same year.

Various treatment options are offered to women who have breast cancer. Chemotherapy and/ or surgeries may be advised depending on the size of the tumor and the extent of the disease. For patients who require surgery, the surgeon may perform a lumpectomy wherein only the tumor inside the breast is excised, or a total mastectomy to remove the entire breast. These procedures may help save lives, but many women experience negative psychological and emotional effects post-surgery including depression, shame, and anxiety.

In the past, reconstructive surgery of the breast was considered an act of vanity; however, the society's view regarding this matter has changed and many women opt to undergo breast reconstruction following mastectomies.

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Ann Moises



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- Alex Gitungano

We hear of stories where strangers do simple, random acts of kindness to help those in need every day. But for someone to put his/her life on hold and travel to a great, foreign country just to care for someone he/she hardly even knows is something far more extraordinary. It takes more than just a kind heart, but a pure, selfless, loving soul.

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