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Irish Girl Invents Revolutionary Sleeping Bags for Homeless – And Offers Them Jobs

This may be a “band-aid measure” but it’s one that will likely save some lives.


Aside from inventing awesome sleeping bags for the homeless, this Irish girl is also helping some of these street dwellers earn some extra bucks.

Emily Duffy, 15 years old, understood what it was like to live on the streets of Dublin after trying to raise money for a charity that aims to help the homeless. One of her immediate realizations after that project was that cloth bags and cardboards were very impractical to use as sleeping bag because they were dirty, risky, and were often wet.

The Duffily Bags are fireproof and rainproof sleeping bags designed for the homeless.

homeless bag 1

That eventually inspired her to invent what she later called the “Duffily Bags,” a highly-reflective fireproof and waterproof sleeping bag. It also has Velcro straps instead of zippers, making it easier for the user to get in and out of the bag.

You can watch the short video here:

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The bags have attracted attention at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in Dublin where she recently showcased her invention.

Netizens all over the globe were quick to praise the project as well.

The bags were invented by Emily Duff, a 15-year-old student from Desmond College.

homeless bag 2

YouTube user Kathryn Fowlston commented:

“Great idea… I think this can help many people and be used in many situations… Good luck with the future endeavors.”

BrotherRog, on the other hand, left a comment saying:

“Bravo to this fine young person. This may be a “band-aid measure” but it’s one that will likely save some lives.”

The sleeping bags are now being produced by former homeless people at the Mendicity Institution and they are getting paid $10 an hour for the work.

Our hats are off for this remarkable teenager!


Man’s Heartwarming Tribute for Late Wife Depicts His Unwavering Love for Her

This love museum tribute of a man to his beloved late wife will hit you right in the feels.

There are stories, songs and memories that often remind us about love. Now just in time for the hearts season, this story is one of the few that captures the beauty of true love and depicts the enduring love of a man to his wife.

Charles "LaLa" Evans made the most romantic and heartwarming tribute dedicated to his beloved wife, Louise. The couple used to talk about creating a museum of their love (from high school sweethearts to being married for decades.) But the inevitable happened when Louise passed away in 2011 just before their 60th wedding anniversary. LaLa knew right then that he had to pursue the project for Ms. Lou.

Months after her passing, he transformed their home to a museum, a tangible representation of their decades-long love story which he named "LaLa and Louise Land."

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GrabCar Driver Stunned His Suspicious Passenger With Simple Act of Kindness

Not all heroes wear capes, not all angels have wings.

There is never a scarcity of kind-hearted people.

They may not be recognized for their kind deeds - heck, no one may even know about what they're doing for others, but they still keep on helping people anyway.

Take this story about a Grab Car driver as an example. His female passenger narrated this story. At first, she felt frightened, but then she realized that there was absolutely no need to fear the man behind the wheels. Find out why.

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Man Disguised Himself as a Waiter and Surprised His Fiancée with a Flash Mob Proposal!

Gone are the days when a diamond ring is simply popped into a glass of bubbles. Today, proposals have become increasingly elaborate and exceptional!

Many women daydream about how their boyfriend would propose to them. Often, the mere idea of a proposal is enough to excite them. On the other hand, many men worry about making a marriage proposal as they want it to be unique, creative, intimate, and special. They may feel pressured as they want to give the best proposal, which subsequently can be very expensive. But still, a man decides the type of proposal, as some may want a simple one while others may opt for extravagance.

The big question then is this: What makes a good proposal? Regardless of the way a man proposes, what is important is that he thought and planned well for the event to ensure that the moment will be special for the both of them. Hence, we can say that it is also important for men to know their partner well so they can pull it off and make everything memorable!

A study revealed that one in three women would be disappointed if a man does not put a significant effort for the wedding proposal, as many women prefer a surprise or a huge effort than a man just simply going down on one knee and popping up the big question.

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