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Pregnant Mom Mocked By Online Trolls Because Her Baby Bump Looks ‘Gross’

Mark Andrew





Welcoming a new baby in the family is always an exciting moment and so despite of the challenges and discomforts that come with pregnancy, it is still usually considered a happy experience by most mothers. However, one mom from Melbourne, Australia has become the target of trolls online.

When 30-year-old Elisha Bakes first shared a photo of her 14-week bump on Instagram, she had no idea about the rudeness that would follow soon. Apparently, some netizens would mock her by leaving some very unpleasant thing on her posts.

Source: Instagram

Elisha said:

“When my third trimester started I started to receive more and more comments about my growing baby bump.

“They would always be very repetitive, including that I was having 78 kids, giving birth to a horse or it must have been triplets.”

Source: Instagram

Standing at 5’3″, Elisha often gets ask if she was already about to give birth when she was merely 24 weeks in her pregnancy. Some are even assuming she’s probably overeating.

“People would also say hurtful things like ‘why is her bump so big? I better not get like this’ and that it was the biggest bump they’d ever seen….

“When people tell you that you look gross or suggest you’re not leading a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy it can be hurtful.”

With over 34,000 followers, Elisha observed that online comments are often more offensive than real-life interactions. When she goes shopping, for instance, others often compliment her instead.

Source: Instagram

“I ignored them 98 per cent of the time,” she added. “I have thick skin so I just continued to embrace my pregnancy and baby bump while I could.”

Fortunately, her partner Tane, who stands 6’3″, remains ever so supportive.

Source: Instagram

Still, Elisha hopes that more people would be kind and understand that each pregnancy is unique.

She explained:

“I think people have an idea in their head about how a pregnant woman should look, sometimes based off their own experiences, so they feel the need to comment and give their two cents.

“There are many factors that determine how you carry, such as weight, height, your partner’s genetics, fluid, pregnancy conditions.

“No matter what size you are, pregnancy isn’t easy.”

Source: Instagram

Elisha later gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Kaelen. She and Tane are also parents to Kyson, their first child.

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