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As Eiffel Tower Turned Out Lights To Honor Victims, The World Expressed Sympathy In A Unique Way





Following the horrific Paris terrorist attack that claimed 158 lives, the city’s iconic monument Eiffel Tower turned off its lights in tribute of the victims.

The attack happened in five different locations last Friday night, November 13, 2015, with suicide bombers and gunmen shooting innocent civilians with the worst attack being at the Bataclan concert hall where concertgoers were killed by four terrorists. Bataclan was located about 200 yards away from the Charlie Hebdo office, a satirical publication that also got attacked last January.

The iconic Eiffel Tower went dark in memory of the victims of the Paris terrorist attack.

eiffel-tower-lights-off 1

Photo credit: Herald De Paris

One must admit that seeing the tower darkened like that is really such a sad sight to behold. The world, however, responded in an unexpected way to express sympathies and show support for the city. They lighted up establishments and monuments in red, white, and blue – the colors of the French flag.

Check out all the photos below:

Calgary Tower in Calgary, Alberta

France Paris Shooting Canada

Photo credit: Larry MacDougal/The Canadian Press via AP
Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia

Australia France Paris Attacks

Photo credit: AP Photo/Rick Rycroft
The Omni Hotel in Dallas

world-pays-tribute-to-paris-attack 4

Photo credit: Dallas Morning News
San Francisco City Hall

world-pays-tribute-to-paris-attack 7

Photo credit: Asian Art Museum
One World Trade Center in New York

APTOPIX France Paris Shooting New York

Photo credit: AP Photo/Kevin Hagen
Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil

world-pays-tribute-to-paris-attack 5

Photo credit: Marco Messina
Wembley Stadium in London

world-pays-tribute-to-paris-attack 6

Photo credit: Historical Pics

We salute everyone involved in making these touching tributes possible. It’s heartwarming to see countries standing up for each other during difficult times.


H/T: SunnySkyz, IndianExpress

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