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20 Easy Housekeeping Hacks To Impress Your Guests





Everyone wants to be a good host. You don’t want your guests to go home and not to want to go back to your place ever again.

We believe that our guests deserve the best experience while they visit our humble abode. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it possible. Here are 20 easy housekeeping hacks to impress your guests.

1. Pour a few drops of scented oils to your toilet paper for a long lasting scent.

2. Make a DIY gel air fresheners.

3. Use food for some familar aroma.

4. Orange peel will not only add design to your candle, but will add a scent too.

5. Use eggshells for your mini garden.

6. Bottles as flower vases.

7. Decorate paper rolls and tidy-up those tangled cords.

8. Add bouquet garni for more flavor.

9. Explore your creativity.

10. Fun cookies for kids.

Kids are sometimes being dragged to come to these adult dinner parties, so make them feel comfortable by also preparing something for them.

11. Orange peel cupcake liner.

12. Use stains with natural ingredients.

13. DIY blinds cleaner.

14. Christmas wreath with natural ingredients.

15. Add a pop of color to your table set up.

16. Add candles to your coffee table to make the living area even cozier.

17. Run lemon peels through the garbage disposal to get rid of the icky smells.

18. Freshen the air naturally with 100% vanilla extract.

Put a few drops of 100% vanilla extract on cotton balls and hide them in plants or underneath your furniture.

19. Clean your baseboards with a broom.

20. Use a mild-scent cleanser for your toilet bowl.

Next time you’ll have some guests over, don’t panic right away. The truth is that it’s quite easy to impress your guests. Clean your place, serve them good food, make them feel at home, and that’s it!

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