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Man Shows The Easiest Way To Eat Pineapples





If you’re a fan of fresh pineapples, you probably buy those that are already peeled and cut. It seems that one must have to be a wizard to cut a pineapple up, and without any trouble, so we feel that we’ll just have to leave it to the professionals to do the hard work.

It’s not like some fruits that you can easily bite into, you need to have more patience with pineapple as you need a couple of steps before digging into the delicious, sweet and sour fruit. But all of that is about to change! Thanks to a technique demonstrated by one netizen.

Pineapples are delicious, healthy fruits that come packed with all sorts of excellent vitamin C and dietary fibers. Far from being exclusive to tropical climates, these super fruits are beloved practically all over the globe. There’s just one problem — they’re pretty difficult to slice correctly!

One person then showed that there is another way of eating pineapples, which is a lot easier! The now viral video was initially uploaded to TikTok and then onto Twitter. As expected, people were in shocked after seeing the rather easy way to eat a pineapple.

In the video, the person featured pulls perfect, complete chunks of pineapple out of the rind without using a knife.

Lewis McCluskey reposted the mind-boggling video to Twitter and captioned it, “I’m sorry but what the actual f**k,” it went viral almost immediately.

Many were rightfully frustrated that they’d been eating pineapple wrong for their whole lives and shared it to the post.

Some of the comments read:

“I’ve learned more from Twitter than from our education system.”

“This changes everything. I can never see a pineapple the same way again.”

“Should I just drop out of college now or? Why am I learning more on this app!?”

Watch the video here:
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