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Early Warning Signs Of Cancer That Appear On Skin

These signs and symptoms should definitively not be ignored!


Cancer is probably the most dreaded disease of mankind. Once a person is diagnosed to have the “Big C,” a surge of fear, pain and sadness will surely envelope the entire being.

Although chemotherapy and radiation therapy are available as treatments, it could only do so much. In reality, no definitive cure has been found. Not yet. So right now, the best cure is prevention.

It pays to know the early signs and symptoms of cancer because the disease becomes more difficult to manage during the latter phases. Here we compile the early clinical manifestations of different kinds of cancer to help and guide you.

#1. Nonstop bleeding and bruises

1. Nonstop bleeding and bruises

Bleeding and bruises may mean that the bone marrow, which produces blood cell types, is not in a god state.

This clinical manifestation may signal leukemia.

#2. Swollen Face

2. Swollen Face

Having swollen face may mean a lot of things in the medical field. It may possibly mean lung cancer because as water fills up the lungs due to the tumor, it may spread onto the face, leaving it swollen.

#3. Fingernail changes

3. Fingernail changes

Experts say varied fingernail changes may signify the presence of different types of cancer.

Inexplicable enlargement of nails may mean lung cancer

Questionable black or brown stains may mean skin cancer.

Lastly, unusually pale and white nails may signal liver cancer.

#4. Lumps

4. Lumps

Skin lumps may mean that the lymphatic system may not be draining properly. So those little bumps and lumps? Have it checked.

#5. Sores that easily bleed

6. Sores that easily bleed

Always suffering from mouth sores? It may mean more than lack of Vitamin C. Sores may signify different types of skin cancer such as melanoma and basal cell carcinoma.

#6. Breast changes


Breast cancer have different physical manifestations. These include dimpling, swelling, abnormal redness and orange peel-like appearance, among others.

The nipples may also exhibit changes such as inversion and flattening.

There you have it, just some of the earliest signs of cancer. The things you feel may or may not be cancer and the points here are not conclusive. It is always best to consult your doctor if you feel bothered about your health.

Let us know what you think in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends so they are aware!

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