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Dutch ‘Family’ Spends 9 Years Waiting For The End Of The World In A Cellar




  • A family of seven has been found to be living in a small cellar on a farm in the Netherlands for nine years.
  • They were discovered after the eldest brother decided to escape from the farm and went to a bar to report about their case.
  • It is believed that the family has been hiding out in the small room while waiting for the end of the world.

Everyone is a little fearful that the world could end at any time. However, a Dutch “family” took it one step further by living in a cellar for the past nine years just waiting for the end of days. Amazingly, they were finally freed when one member decided to escape from their home.

The family’s story was revealed when the eldest of the group was found in a bar in the village of Ruinerwold in the Netherlands. The man ordered five beers then proceeded to tell the bar owner that he had run away because he and his siblings have been living on a farm in fear of the end of the world.

The family has been living in deplorable conditions for the past nine years.

When police arrived at the farm in the province of Drenthe, they found five young adults aged 18 to 25 as well as a 58-year-old man who claimed he was their father. However, the man who ran away said that this was not true.

The 58-year-old was simply identified by locals as Josef B. People claim he was a handyman who originated from Austria. For now, it is unclear if he had forced the six other adults into living with him on the farm or if they did so voluntarily. Nevertheless, he has since been arrested and charged with unlawful deprivation of liberty.

The eldest brother claimed that they were waiting for the end of the world on the farm.

The “family” has reportedly been living in the cellar on the farm for nine years. According to the eldest brother, he decided to escape because he “wanted to end the way they were living.”

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