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Minks May Have Passed COVID-19 To A Human, Claims Netherlands




  • Authorities from Netherlands recently issued a statement claiming that a mink farm worker has caught the coronavirus infection from the animal.
  • Now the government wants to conduct mandatory antibody testings for all mink farms to protect farm workers all over the country.

While many are convinced that bats in the markets of Wuhan are the source of the coronavirus, authorities from Netherlands are now telling us that minks can also have the virus and pass it to humans.

In an official statement issued by the Dutch government, we learn that authorities are planning to check all mink farms in the country after research revealed that a person may have caught the virus from an infected animal.

Minks may have passed the coronavirus to a human, said Dutch authorities.

According to the statement:

“Based on new research results from the ongoing investigation into Covid-19 contaminations on mink farms, it is likely that an infection of mink on humans has occurred.”

“One of the employees has been shown to have similarities with the virus found from mink on the same farm,” reported Minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Thus, antibody testing of minks will be done all over the country – and it will be “mandatory,” so as to ensure the health and safety of those working in the farms.

If the virus is detected at a farm, employees will be encouraged to wear protective gear while working. Visitors may likewise be banned from the stables.

The research also showed that minks can be infected by coronavirus “without displaying symptoms.”

Moreover, they discovered that 3 of 11 cats at a mink farm are infected with Covid-19. “In the course of this investigation, it is advised that infected mink farms ensure that cats cannot enter or leave the farm premises,” the authorities added.

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