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Inside the World’s Only Privately Owned Boeing 787 Dreamliner aka “Flying Penthouse”

The aircraft is worth a whopping $300 million.






Nothing is ever over the top for the world’s richest people. If they’ve got the money, then you can expect them to spend it on convenience and luxury. And what is one of the elites’ favorite purchases? Why, a private jet of course.

A video tour of the world’s only privately owned Boeing 787 Dreamliner named the Dreamliner B787 Dreamjet (with registration plate “2-DEER”) by aviation blogger Sam Chui is wowing online users because of its beauty and opulence. The aircraft, which costs $300 million, has been dubbed a “flying penthouse.”

The plane is a remodeled Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a commercial aircraft that can carry between 240 and 335 passengers.

The airplane can carry 40 passengers and has been designed and equipped like a luxury hotel. It can be chartered for the hefty price tag of $25,000 per hour.

The interiors were co-developed by yacht and aircraft design specialists Pierrejean Design.

The posh aircraft features high domed ceilings, hardwood floors, sculptured hardwood doors, and hand-crafted carpets.

Tablets can be used by passengers to control the lighting, television screens, window blinds, and call flight attendants.

The amenities are very impressive and modern.

There’s a main lounge with sofas and two dining tables that can fit up to 16 people.

In the middle area is a bed-type sofa that separates into two couches at the press of a button.

There is also a spacious master bedroom with a hidden television and an en-suite bathroom.

The master washroom features a roomy shower and dual-sink vanity.

Eighteen full flat seats similar to those in Business Class cabins as well as six seats equivalent of Premium Economy seats are located at the rear of the plane.

There’s plenty of legroom in this section of the plane.

Take a tour inside the luxurious aircraft:

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Meet The World’s Hottest Soldier, Kim Mellibovsky Of Israel

I would not surely mind her arresting me.




Israel is known for a lot of things and one of these is its rigid rules in the military. It is basically compulsory for people there to serve in the army. But believe it or not, their armed forces are packed with beautiful women ready to wage war.

In fact, just recently, one of these angels came to light after photos of her found their way online. She is none other than Kim Mellibovsky, who is dubbed the hottest Israeli soldier. But, as mentioned, the country has a handful of these beauts in the army.

So, without further ado, we give you the hottest Israeli female soldier. You are definitely going to thank us later!

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Japan’s Insane Game Show ‘Slippery Stairs’ Is Pretty Frustrating To Watch

The Japanese game show “Slippery Stairs” is the world’s most frustrating game show ever.

Donna Marie Padua



We have been enjoying years of privileged life in the golden age of T.V. The entertainment industry has never been so satisfying with numerous mind-blowing episodes of storytelling premiered on T.V. networks.

But it turns out, we still haven’t seen the best of entertainment yet. We almost thought that the Koreans will reign the television, but apparently, nothing compares to the shows the Japanese are producing.

The Japanese game show "Slippery Stair" is quickly becoming popular throughout the world.

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Husband Hurled Acid On Wife’s Face For Getting A Part-Time Job

An Indian woman received an abusive reward from her husband for getting a job to feed their family.

Donna Marie Padua



Gender equality still remains to be a big issue these days, most especially among romantic partners. Husbands are still trapped in the traditional idea of being the sole breadwinner of the family and that they should be more successful than their spouses.

Relationships though should be a give-and-take partnership. Married couples vow to support each other through thick and thin, so a woman working on behalf of her husband shouldn’t be a problem at all. Apparently, it is for an Indian husband who had his pride pained by his wife getting a job.

A husband got jealous of his wife after getting a part-time job.

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