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10 Adorable Dog Breeds Take Selfies With Their Mini-Me’s

Take a look on these cute and adorable dog breeds and their mini-me puppies.


For dog lovers out there, this article would really make your day.

We all know that dogs are very caring when it comes to their young ones. If you have a dog at home, we’re sure you’ve witnessed firsthand how they take good care of their little pups. This is particularly true regardless of the dog’s breed. Whatever their size, shape, and characteristic, it’s amazing to watch these dogs be a parent to their puppies. But did you know that they’re actually extremely adorable when they pose with their “mini-mes”?

Mini-me’s actually refer to puppies which inherited almost the exact characteristics and physical features of their parent dogs.

So let us take a look at these cute creatures and see if they are really identical. Be warned though since this blog post is filled with cuteness overload.

#10. Welsh Corgi


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#9. Samoyed Dog


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Deserts Around the World and its Mysteries

Deserts hold secrets and mysteries that to date, have not yet been solved by modern science.


We live in a world full of mysteries. Although we can suggest logical explanations for these mysteries, as of the moment we will have to make do with mere theories and speculations until studies can prove and resolve these occurrences.

Deserts cover one fifth of our Earth’s terrain. Plants and animals thriving in deserts have successfully adapted to the harsh environmental conditions; in fact,  some of the world’s deserts are among the Earth's last remaining regions of total wilderness. Desert regions are also home to over one billion people, or one-sixth of the planet’s population.

Whether it is naturally made or man-made, there are a lot of things about deserts that we cannot fathom. So, let us now learn about our world’s famous deserts and its mysteries.

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Construction Worker Unearths P16.8M Worth of 12th Century Treasures in the Philippines

According to the National Geographic, the gold and silver coins, jewelry, and other artifacts recovered from the property are dated to be more than 2,000 years old.


Negros Occidental, Philippines - a construction worker named "Doming" Agravante (real identity is withheld for security reasons) was digging the ground in the property of one of the prominent clans in the province when he found a surprising object - a gold ring. Digging further, he discovered more treasures in the form of gold and silver coins.

Surprised by his find, he reported the incident to the land owner, who immediately contacted the National Geographic for analysis and further studies.

The treasures were composed of gold and silver coins, jewelries, and other valuable artifacts.


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This Awesome Guy Built An Exosuit That Controls a Tiny, Pacific-Rim-Style Lego Jaeger

Danny Benedettelli just created something awesome – a wearable exosuit that can control robots.

Several weeks ago, we shared with you the fascinating story of Carlos Torres who designed a fun but functional Lego-compatible prosthetic arm. After a few blogs, we also wrote about Mobile Factory’s Q-Brixx technology which turns debris into stackable blocks used for creating new homes.

Well, it seems many Lego-loving kids have grown up to be geniuses. Here’s another proof!

Meet Lego geek and tech master Danny Benedettelli, a designer who successfully created a wearable exosuit that can control a small robot. Both the robot and the suit are made using the little toy bricks.

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