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Man Reunited With His Long-Lost Dog After 8 Years. Their Reunion Was Totally Heartwarming!





The reunion of pets and owners are always heartwarming. More than having a pet-owner relationship, the bond between them is more like that of a family. In 2007, Joshua lost his puppy named Duke. He knows that Duke was just in the yard, but he was totally astounded when the pup vanished. Joshua then looked for Duke almost everywhere — knocking on doors and roaming around the whole neighborhood just to find him. But when all efforts were exhausted, Joshua finally surrendered and accepted that Duke was gone.

Just last week, a woman found Duke and immediately brought him to the Tamiami Animal Hospital. Duke was then checked if it had a microchip. Fortunately, there was and the chip led to Joshua! Joshua was called by the hospital and soon, he was sitting in the hospital corridor, waiting for her long-lost dog. Now aged 9, Duke suddenly came out from a door beside Joshua and finally, the two were reunited!

Watch the touching video of the reunion here:

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Credits: Miami Herald via Little Things

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