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Amazing Video Shows Diver Swimming With Hundreds of Rays

“To be in arms distance of such a large amount of rays was humbling and emotional.”

Mark Andrew





For some tourists, scuba diving is a fun activity mostly reserved for their vacations. Dedicated divers, however, would tell us it’s a lifestyle – and a pretty rewarding one at that.

Just take it from scuba diver Sarah Richard of Hastings, East Sussex in England, who recently had the rare experience of encountering a huge school of Mobula rays during one of her dives.

Fortunately for the rest of us, we get to take a closer look as she captured everything on film.

An exciting yet unexpected underwater experience!

Understandably, Sarah couldn’t help but be extremely enthusiastic about her close encounter with the rays.

In an interview, she shared:

“I have been a diver for 10-years and except for witnessing it on TV, I have never seen such a large school of rays before.”

“To be in arms distance of such a large amount of rays was humbling and emotional,” she added.

The incident happened at Baja California Sur, a state in northwest Mexico.

The footage has since gone viral over the internet.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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According to Sarah, she’ll always be grateful for the amazing encounter.

She said about it:

“As divers and ocean advocates, we are constantly fighting to make our oceans better – every now and then you encounter moments like this that remind us truly how great the ocean and life that live in it are.”

Mobula rays are great swimmers – and jumpers!

As a NationalGeographic article tells us:

“Mobula rays live in warm oceans throughout the world. These fish have a pair of winglike fins that can extend up to 17 feet. The fins help the rays rocket from the sea when they leap. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why all nine species of mobula rays do these jumps. But they think it may be to show off for a potential mate, get rid of parasites, or communicate.

“Mobula rays are as good at swimming as they are at jumping. As they travel, they move their fins up and down to steer through the water.”

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Fort Blunder, The Embarrassing Story Of A Fort America Built On Canada

The very fort that America constructed to protect them from Canada was in… Canada.




It still looks imposing even to this day. Just a shadow of its former self, it lies silently along the Lake Champlain. People who see it want to know why it is there in the first place.

The fascinating tale of the infamous fort is about politics and war. It tells the story of a great nation committing a great mistake. Welcome to the ruins of Fort Blunder.

It was 1818 when America decided to build the fort.

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Betta Fish Display Their Gorgeous Colors In Amazing Portraits

These Siamese fighting fish look like ballerinas in water!

Nobelle Borines



Nature has proven that there is beauty even in the tiniest things. The Siamese fighting fishes, commonly known as the betta, are a perfect example of beauty and grace. These gorgeous little creatures have been known to mesmerize anyone who sees them. Not surprisingly, one photographer has chosen the betta as his underwater subject in a new series.

Photographer Visarute Angkatavanich has unveiled his new collection Betta Paradiso, which features gorgeous images of the graceful yet aggressive Siamese fighting fish. The Thailand-based photographer shot the betta against white or black backgrounds to bring out their vivid colors. The fishes range from bright scarlet hues to pearlescent white and their fins resemble silk being strewn underwater.

The male betta fish are known for their long tails and vivid colors.

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14 Monuments To Remind You How Funny And Strange The World Is

If you think you’ve seen it all, wait until you see this.




Monuments are supposed to be structures built to commemorate a person or event. But we live in a strange world, so once in a while, we come across monuments that make us stop on our tracks, smile, and ask ourselves” what were they thinking?”

Sometimes, it’s the humor and the strangeness of this world that makes it amazing. We have scoured the remotest places in the world to bring you the 15 funniest and strangest monuments you will ever see.

1. Safety Pin - San Francisco, USA

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