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Deputy Wins Lottery And Donates It To Hurricane Relief





One Florida deputy got a little lucky and won $1,019 at a Rotary Foundation meeting. But instead of keeping his winnings and buying stuff for himself, Deputy Marcum decided to donate his prize to hurricane relief.

It’s no secret that law enforcement personnel put their lives on the line on a daily basis and always seem to put service before themselves. Deputy Marcum certainly proved that by taking his service to a whole new level.

Deputy Marcum discussed his partnership with his K9 comrade Benga and their work with search efforts and drug detection at the Pensacola Subwest Rotary meeting last Thursday. After sharing with the meeting about his efforts and partnership, he won the raffle.

Without hesitation, Deputy Marcum immediately donated his winnings to the Rotary Foundation.

The Pensacola SubWest Rotary posted photos of Deputy Marcum on Facebook saying, ”That, folks, is Escambia County’s finest… service above self.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

The Sheriffs Office also shared Deputy Marcum’s selfless act and wrote:

“We are very proud of Deputy Marcum and K-9 Benga’s work in Escambia County and his decision to help out with our neighbor’s recovery efforts.”

The comments section was filled with nothing but great words about the deputy’s action.

“This warms the heart and fills the eyes with tears!” One wrote. “That is so awesome. Thank you for all you do,” another added.

One comment even revealed Deputy Marcum’s kind nature by helping someone in need. “He is a great guy. He pulled over and helped divert traffic while I changed a flat tire on the interstate the other day. TY again sir for all you do,” the netizen shared.

After learning Deputy Marcum’s story, one commenter was inspired to do a good deed as well saying, “That is awesome. How about starting a GoFundMe to try to double it? I’d be in for that.”

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