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Delivery Driver Gets Bashed For Refusing To Help Pregnant Woman Carry Her Shopping Upstair





A woman from Feltham, West London recently shared her bad experience with Asda. As it appears, a delivery driver from the company refused to help her carry her shopping upstairs despite seeing she was heavily pregnant.

We’re not talking about just a bag of groceries here but shopping items amounting to £200. As you will see on the viral video below, he just left everything at the bottom of the stairwell, refusing the pregnant customer’s request to assist her.

Amy Natasha Botten had to leave her crying toddler so she can go down two flights of stairs and pick everything up.

Source: SWNS

Amy asked the driver:

“Can you not help me with this last little bit because my little boy is up there crying his eyes out?”

When asked for help, the Asda delivery driver just bluntly replied “I’d rather not.”

Source: SWNS

“Can you not hear my little boy crying his eyes out?” Amy pleaded but the guy remained undettered.

She added:

“Can you not be a decent person? I am heavily pregnant. You are just going to walk off and leave me with this now? Thank you so much for your help.”

Her words fell on deaf ears.

Amy later took to social media to share about her terrible experience.

Source: SWNS

She wrote:

“This shouldn’t be happening to anyone, bad health, lonely and elderly, disabled, pregnant!!

“It should NOT BE HAPPENING. It’s called HOME delivery.

“I just had to carry £200 monthly shop up two flights of stairs alone, pregnant with pelvic problems. No choice but to leave my son on his own crying.”

Watch the video here:

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Netizens were quick to condemn what the driver did.

One wrote:

“Absolutely disgusting, as a driver for another supermarket I would never dream of putting a customer in this situation. Appalling.”

Another commented:

“Sack this lazy arse piece of dirt …by the time he stood there arguing he could easily have taken it up the stairs. Sack him Asda or i for one will not shop in Asda ever again…”

In an interview with Unilad, Asda Senior Press Officer Jack Woodhead, shared:

“We always try to offer our customers great service but clearly we got it wrong on this occasion and we are truly sorry. This goes against our home shopping policies and we have offered our full apology to Ms Botten and are in contact with her to try and make amends.”

According to Amy, yes, Asda has since gotten in touch with her to apologize.

“Feltham Asda gave me a bottle of champagne and some flowers and couldn’t apologise enough for the driver not doing his job. (No I won’t be drinking it and no I didn’t record this for compensation).”

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