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David Blaine Flies Over the Desert on Balloon in a YouTube “Ascension” Stunt




  • 47-year-old magician David Blaine, has once again delivered a stunning performance.
  • After over a year of training, he successfully flew over a desert in Arizona while streaming it live via YouTube.
  • According to Blaine, he pulled off the stunt and accomplished this feat for his 9-year-old daughter.

47-year-old magician and endurance performer David Blaine staged an “Ascension” by flying over a desert in Arizona at an altitude of 24,900 feet — about 4.7 miles — in his first live stunt in nearly eight years.

Blaine pulled off a successful 50-balloon levitation stunt for his YouTube channel by piloting 50 helium balloons, before parachuting down. It was launched from an airport in Page, Arizona and is believed to be the best record for floating on a cluster-balloon rig. 

Originally, he planned an 18,000-feet levitation trick staged in his hometown in New York City, but he had to move it to Arizona because of weather and safety concerns. As part of his preparation, the illusionist trained for a year and a half. He also got a pilot’s license, a commercial balloon pilot’s license, and a skydiver certification. 


During the hour-long stunt, Blaine’s team was monitoring his vital signs. They logged a 10-degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature at the peak of his ascent.


“Wow! That was awesome!” he said upon landing. He also told his 9-year-old daughter that the stunt was all for her. 

David Blaine also shared that this stunt has been his dream since he saw Albert Lamorisse’s classic short film “The Red Balloon” as a kid. He also got inspiration from Pixar’s “Up,” a movie that features an airborne house held together by balloons.


“I can’t imagine that many people would dream of doing it.”


Watch this video of the event which was posted on Blaine’s official YouTube channel.

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