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Shelter Dogs Have Hilarious Reactions After Magician Made Treats Disappear

“We wanted to create a special moment for animal shelter dogs to bring them the magic of the holidays.”

Most of us just enjoy watching magic tricks. Although we all know that these are just illusions made believable by professionals, we just can’t deny the entertainment factor of it.

With that said, attending a really good magic show can be a dazzling experience for many people. But who knew that such tricks and mysteries can be appreciated by dogs too?

John Stessel brought a little “magic” this holiday season to dogs at a New York shelter. The magician, in partnership with cable station TBS, visited the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter to help brighten the dogs’ day by performing magic tricks on them.

They also filmed a short video of the event and the dogs’ epic reactions were shared on social media, in the hopes that it would help these adoptable animals find their forever homes.

The video notes:

“To help get our animal shelter dogs adopted, TBS brought them the magic of the holidays to show you how full of life they are. All of these dogs are available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.”

The video is simple but incredibly heartwarming. It features John, all decked out in a Santa hat, offering treats to adoptable dogs. But being a magician, John can’t help but do a little magic and make all of those delectable treats disappear right at the moment when the dogs’ mouths are watering!

While the “hide the treat” trick was entertaining to the viewers, the dogs, on the other hand, really just wanted their treat. Each of these pups had a different reaction to watching the treat disappear – and they range from adorable to hilarious.

Some searched John’s entire body looking for it; others tried to stay good, hoping it would reappear and then there were a few who ran away in fear of the man who hid their biscuit.

John said:

“We wanted to create a special moment for animal shelter dogs to bring them the magic of the holidays, to show off their adorable personalities and hopefully help them find homes.”

“It is almost impossible to pick a favorite moment from the video! But some highlights for me were the truly unscripted moments! For example when Luna pulled off my hat, or when Teragon and I started dancing with him on his back!”

Watch the video here:

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