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Daring Brides Can Wear This “Nude” Wedding Jumpsuit On Their Big Day





Gone are the days that all brides dream of a flowing white dress to wear on their big day. Right now, women are more open to alternative styles for their wedding and there are SO many options, from colored gowns to short dresses. There are brides who got hitched wearing black ballgowns. There are even some who got married wearing just their bikinis…remember Pamela Anderson on her beach wedding to Tommy Lee? Go on, Google it.

Now if you’re a girl who wants to be really comfortable on her big day, you can chuck the gown and wear a jumpsuit, just like this one right here. You may think that a jumpsuit is such a boring and unsexy thing to wear for your wedding day.

But this is no ordinary wedding jumpsuit…

Source: instagram

Actress Cristina Pedroche donned this daring jumpsuit on New Year’s Eve and this is definitely not for the demure bride. Created by Spanish bridal label Pronovias, the jumpsuit has long sleeves and tight bottoms. It’s more like a lace catsuit.

The nude fabric clings to the skin so tight it looks like Cristina is not wearing anything at all but lace covering her private parts.

Source: instagram
The sheer daring of the outfit extends to the back. Cristina’s butt was strategically covered with lace, which crawls all the way to the ankles.

Source: instagram

According to Pronovias, the jumpsuit has more than 200 crystals embroidered into the Chantilly lace. The design team took more than 244 hours to finish the clothing.

The look is certainly nothing new.

We have seen this on lots of celebrities already – Britney Spears in her Toxic video, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce on the red carpet – but we bet not even they will dare wear something like this on their wedding day.

With a jumpsuit like this, no extra accessory is required. Cristina wore peep-toe stilettos to match. We’re not sure if she’s wearing underwear though.

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