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A Woman Suffering from Depression Took a Roll of Toilet Paper and Did Something Incredible!





Who would have thought that a roll of toilet paper can turn a person’s life around?

When marine veteran Amber Mills battled depression after learning she could no longer work due to Multiple Sclerosis, she turned a roll of toilet paper into something really really awesome.

One fateful afternoon, Mills chanced upon “The Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest” calling participants to come up with a wedding dress made obviously of toilet paper.

The contest inspired Mills to turn her life around and rediscover her new purpose in life. Oozing with creativity, Mills created beautiful and breathtaking wedding dresses using nothing but  Charmin toilet paper, tape, glue, needle, and thread. Through hard work and perseverance, Mills ended up bagging the third place and taking home $2,500.

“My husband thought it was kind of silly and ridiculous at first, until he saw how much I enjoyed it. I’m excited at the idea of being able to create [a wedding dress] out of material people don’t expect,” she said.

Watch her inspiring story below.

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