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A Woman Suffering from Depression Took a Roll of Toilet Paper and Did Something Incredible!

A roll of toilet paper helped this marine veteran battle depression.


Who would have thought that a roll of toilet paper can turn a person’s life around?

When marine veteran Amber Mills battled depression after learning she could no longer work due to Multiple Sclerosis, she turned a roll of toilet paper into something really really awesome.

One fateful afternoon, Mills chanced upon “The Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest” calling participants to come up with a wedding dress made obviously of toilet paper.

The contest inspired Mills to turn her life around and rediscover her new purpose in life. Oozing with creativity, Mills created beautiful and breathtaking wedding dresses using nothing but  Charmin toilet paper, tape, glue, needle, and thread. Through hard work and perseverance, Mills ended up bagging the third place and taking home $2,500.

“My husband thought it was kind of silly and ridiculous at first, until he saw how much I enjoyed it. I’m excited at the idea of being able to create [a wedding dress] out of material people don’t expect,” she said.

Watch her inspiring story below.

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Two Inseparable Friends Have Cancer, and this is their Story.

This is a story about true friendship.

Man. Dog. Friendship. Love. Death. These elements always hit close to home. And this is what this story is all about.

The video features the tale of two inseparable friends and the experiences and memories they shared together, told from a dying dog's point of view.

When surfer/photographer Ben Moon was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, his dog Denali stayed by his side. He wouldn't even leave the hospital where Ben was.

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Newborn Miraculously Survives After Being Buried Alive in a Muddy Hole for 24 Hours.

Baby boy who was abandoned and buried alive in an armadillo hole for 24 hours, rescued by neighbor.

After the series of shocking and heartless news circulated the internet about parents who have left their newborn children to die, it's easy for most of us to lose our faith in humanity. Some of us may have even asked why God allowed such despicable things to happen. But whether you believe in God or not, how these innocent baby victims miraculously survived  somehow reassures us that someone out there is really looking out for them.

And this story about a newborn baby boy who survived after being buried for 24 hours in a muddy hole in Brazil is yet another amazing testimony.

In 2006, an unnamed man saw his pregnant neighbor Lucinda Ferreira Guimarres, leave her home one morning. But when she came back around 6 p.m. with a smaller stomach and bloody clothes, the man grew suspicious.

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Paranoid Father Locks His Family in an Apartment for 14 Years. Now they Tell their Story.

The Wolfpack : The story of 6 brothers who were locked in an apartment due to their father’s paranoia.

Inside a tiny apartment in 154 Broome Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, lived a family with a peculiar story.

Oscar Angulo, the head of the family, locked himself, his wife, daughter, and six sons away from the rest of the world for 14 years.

Almost 800 people live in that public housing development yet no one knew, saw, or even heard of the brothers until recently.

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