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They Stood On The Treadmills. What they Did Next? I’m Entertained!





Four cute guys on a stage that has treadmills? Okay, at first I was a bit skeptical as to what these guys will do. But when the music started, I was really drawn to their routine! I found myself enjoying the cool music of OK Go entitled “Here It Goes Again”, and was smiling all throughout their performance.

It is challenging to move (or stand still) on the treadmill unless you’re running or brisk walking. But how these guys danced and executed the routine probably took a lot of balance, precision, coordination, and perfect timing. These guys glided, jumped, went over and under the handle bars like they were just playing and enjoying everything. In the video, you’ll hear the excited audience scream as they took videos from their cellphones, obviously having as much fun as these guys just by watching them.

There are other videos in the internet that showcase this kind of talent, all equally difficult and cool. But these guys are simply adorable!

Watch this video:

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H/T: Ben Hiler

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