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‘Joker’ Movie Turns Stairs In New York Into A Tourist Attraction




  • New York has a new tourist spot – that staircase where Joker’s dance scene was filmed.
  • Hundreds of fans have flocked to the area to have their photos taken, as they posed like the movie villain.

Perhaps no other recent movie has drawn so much controversy as Warner Bros and DC films’ Joker. As a matter of fact, some people have walked out of theaters and have even called for the film’s ban, fearing it will spark gun violence.

There is, however, no doubt that the drama thriller is a smashing box office success, regardless of what the critics say. The movie has been so well-received by reviewers and fans alike. Also, Joaquin Phoenix’ performance was stellar!

Well as it appears, the movie has indeed inspired a certain trend and fortunately, it’s the non-violent kind.

Remember that iconic moment in the movie where we see the title character, dancing in an outdoor staircase? Some fans have recognized the exact place where that scene was filmed and now it has become New York’s newest tourist attraction of sorts.

The location portrays Gotham City but in real life the stairs are found off Shakespeare Avenue in the Bronx. Now fans are flocking to it, posing and dancing like the Joker to have their pictures and videos taken for social media.

Check out some of the images we’ve found online here:
As if that wasn’t enough, some tourists also take the effort to dress up as the movie villain.
Even pet owners brought their furry friends for their own photoshoot.

Of course, the sudden increase of visitors in the area has since gained mixed reactions from locals. “It’s amazing,” said a resident named Fernando. “It’s actually nice to see all these people doing this.”

Still, it is worth-mentioning that not everyone is happy about the online trend as some have noted that flyers have allegedly been distributed in the area which read:

“It is disrespectful to treat our community and residents as a photo opportunity.”

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