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Chinese Farm Couple’s Viral ‘Rural-Style Shuffle Dance’ Helps Hubby Fight Depression




  • A farming couple from China’s Zhejiang Province has captured netizens hearts because of their amazing dance steps and touching story.
  • Fan Deduo and Peng Xiaoying’s ‘rural-style shuffle dance’ has gotten famous on TikTok.
  • According to the couple, dancing helps Fan battle the effects of depression.

We’ve seen a lot of viral dance steps on TikTok but what sets this one apart is its heartwarming backstory. As you’ve just read in the headline, a couple from China has made waves online because of their unique approach to battling depression.

Hailing from Rui’an, Zhejiang Province, husband Fan Deduo and wife Peng Xiaoying have become social media stars after their dance videos gained viral fame on TikTok. Now they’re sharing their personal story about why they are doing why they do.

Their very own ‘rural-style shuffle dance” has become popular on TikTok – and has helped Fan manage his mental health.

Apparently, Fan has been injured in a vehicular accident in the past. The trauma has since resulted to him suffering from depression. His productivity has been severely affected to the point that he couldn’t even manage to sleep alone. Peng had to take on the responsibilities of caring for the family and providing for their daily needs.

Eventually, she came up with the idea of helping him relax his mind through shuffle dancing. Fan was hesitant at first but later ended up having fun and enjoying their time together.

As it turns out, dancing did help him combat the effects of anxiety. The couple incorporated different activities and silly movements into their steps such as combing, carrying loads, duck walking, and many others.

Their kids also love joining them in their dance videos.

Now they have over a million followers on TikTok, with one of their popular video uploads nearing 3 million likes.

Watch this video feature by South China Morning Post where the couple talks more about their story:

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