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Funny Babysitter Entertains Infant With Her Hilarious Dance Moves

Not your typical nanny – and damn, she’s giving it her all!

  • A nanny from the Philippines captured the attention of social media netizens because of her viral dance video.
  • In the footage, she can be seen with her crazy moves as she entertains a baby.

Finding a good babysitter is never an easy thing these days. Ask any parent about it and they’ll quickly confirm that without any hesitation. Most of the time, you’d have to cautious and do a thorough background check before entrusting your children (and your home!) to a total stranger. Meanwhile, those who get a bit careless on the process and skip doing their homework end up with the headache of hiring terrible applicants.

Trust us, you don’t want to go through all the trouble. We’ve heard so many horror stories about bad babysitters and that’s something we’re sure you would not want to experience yourself.

On the other hand, it’s a good feeling when you finally find someone trustworthy who’d gladly care for your children and do a great job at it. Just imagine someone who’d not only feed your baby on time but even go the extra mile to make sure that he or she is entertained.

Definitely not your typical nanny!

Case in point, this funny nanny from the Philippines recently went viral after a video of her gained a lot of attention from netizens everywhere. The said clip features the unnamed babysitter showing off her crazy dance moves while the baby, with his eyes fixed on her, watches her intently.

And damn, she’s really giving it her all.

The hilarious footage has since made rounds on social media and people just couldn’t help but be entertained by the energetic nanny.

Too bad, her name was not mentioned in any reports but so far, we only know the viral dance video was taken in a home in Manila, Philippines.

Watch the full video here and see for yourself:

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Well whoever she is, we’d like to speak with her boss. Because she deserves a raise!


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