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Daughter Teaches Dad How To Selfie, Doesn’t Expect He’ll Become An Internet Sensation





Let’s face it – old people and new technology do not really mix well. When we try to combine the two, disaster often ensues and its freaking hilarious. Remember that father who used a new GoPro during a Las Vegas vacation? Or our previous post about cringe-worthy text messages from dads?

Well apparently, we’ve got another story about a father who actually achieved viral fame because of his selfies which are actually more heartwarming than embarrassing. Now everyone loves him for his epic photos!

His daughter taught him how to selfie and now he’s a viral star!

According to reports, this father from Walcha, Australia, is actually a sheep farmer by profession. After he learned how to take selfies, he took a bunch of photos with his two cute pet dogs. Eventually, his images were shared on a Facebook page called ‘Cool Dog Group’ and then stuff just went crazy from there. He got pretty famous as netizens everywhere adored the heartwarming photos.

He’s clearly having so much fun taking his photos.

A sheep even joined them in one of the pictures.

Here are some of the sweetest reactions we’ve seen online:

As of this writing, however, the man’s identity remains unknown.

In a recent feature by Bored Panda, we learn that “though the story seems to have been confirmed by the man’s goddaughter,” they are “still looking for more information about him – and possibly more selfies!”

Well as of now, all we can say is that we’d really, really love to see more photos of this dad and his animal buddies. They definitely look good together!

If you know this guy’s Instagram or something, we’d love to hear from you. Be sure to tell us about it by leaving a comment below. Also, feel free to sound off if you love animals too.

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