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4 Creepiest Places Thrill-Seekers Should Visit in Japan

A forest, an island, and two theme parks…

Ann Moises





Japan is a wonderland many people love or would love o visit. Aside from the fun and excitement their Disneyland has to offer, the climate, rich culture, castles, and temples are sure worth the travel.

What others don’t know is that this country also has some extremely eerie places that can satisfy an adventurous soul.

These are the four creepiest places in Japan suspense/horror fans might want to check out. The third one gave me the chills!

#1. Hashima Island


Photo credit: Japan Info

Hashima island, otherwise known as Gunkanjima, is approximately 15km away from Nagasaki city. It is a abandoned battleship island that was established in 1887 and was originally a coal mine.


Photo credit: Inquisitr

It was shut down when petroleum replaced coal in the country in the 60’s and the residents were forced to evacuate the island. Since then, it became just another scary spot in Japan’s map.

#2. Nara Dreamland


Photo credit: Japan Info

Nara Dreamland aspired to be Japan’s own version of Disneyland. In fact, the developers conceptualized this theme park from Disney. When it opened to the public in 1961, it came second to Disneyland’s grandeur.


Photo credit: Hilarity Ensuing

But when Japan had it’s own Disneyland built, the number of people who used to visit declined until it eventually closed in 2006. Ironically, people started revisiting Dreamland, but this time, it’s not for the fun rides–people go back to get a good scare!

#3. Aokigahara


Photo credit: Japan Info

At the northwestern side of Mt. Fuji lies a dense forest–Aokigahara. Also known as “Suicide Forest”, this site is infamously known for the hundreds of suicides that had been committed there.


Photo credit: Vice

Back in 2003, at least 105 lifeless bodies were found in the area. The number of suicides increased in 2004 when they discovered 108 dead bodies in the forest. It is believed that more than 500 people had taken their own lives in Aokigahara since 1950.

#4. Gulliver's Travel Park


Photo credit: Japan Info

This theme park was actually inspired by Jonathan Swift’s classic tale Gulliver’s Travels. It was built near Aokigahara and Aum Shinrikyu’s headquarters. Aum Shinrikyu was a notorious cult that attacked Tokyo with a poisonous gas and took the lives of 13 people in 1995.


Photo credit: Red Tree Times

Due to the close proximity of the park to those grim locations, only a few came to visit the park. It then closed four years after it opened in 1997.

So, which of the four would you dare visit? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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