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Triplet Sisters Undergo Ultrasound For the First Time on TV! Are They Having Triplets Too?





Having twin or triplet babies most commonly run in the blood. Genetics is the most important factor for having multiple pregnancies. This means that if you have a twin or triplet in the family, you are most likely to have one too.

In the show called The Doctors, three triplet sisters were invited. All of them are pregnant and for the first time, they are going to have their ultrasound on national TV! The sisters, as well their husbands and other relatives, are so excited to find out if the expecting moms are also going to have triplets because if they do, there will a total of nine babies for the family this year!

Watch the video to find out the results:

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Oh well, this is just the first pregnancy. The couples could try to have twins or triplets next time!

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Credits: The Doctors via Rachfeed

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