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Triplet Sisters Undergo Ultrasound For the First Time on TV! Are They Having Triplets Too?

If the three expecting moms are going to have triplets, then the family should be ready for 9 new babies!

Having twin or triplet babies most commonly run in the blood. Genetics is the most important factor for having multiple pregnancies. This means that if you have a twin or triplet in the family, you are most likely to have one too.

In the show called The Doctors, three triplet sisters were invited. All of them are pregnant and for the first time, they are going to have their ultrasound on national TV! The sisters, as well their husbands and other relatives, are so excited to find out if the expecting moms are also going to have triplets because if they do, there will a total of nine babies for the family this year!

Watch the video to find out the results:

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Oh well, this is just the first pregnancy. The couples could try to have twins or triplets next time!

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Credits: The Doctors via Rachfeed


This Homeless Man Did the Unexpected For a Father Who’s Been Searching for his Lost Daughter

This man spent his entire day to help other people even if he, himself has nothing.

What can a homeless person contribute to society? In general, none. But in this video we found, we were touched by how a homeless person sacrificed his whole day just to help out a desperate father, who lost his child.

The video is actually a social experiment by a YouTube channel owner. He wanted to test how much help he could get by staging a scene that involved himself asking for help with his lost daughter. He approached a homeless man and explained his situation. The homeless person then asked if it is ok to get a photo of the lost child so he could ask people around. When he was left alone, the homeless man then grabbed a cardboard box and held the photo of the lost child the entire day.

Watch the video here:

It is so touching to think that a person who has nothing still went out of his way just to help other people in need. We salute you!...

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Rescuer Found a Mama Dog and her Pups in a Quarry. Their Condition Brought me to Tears.

Only 3 pups survived. The rest must have died from dehydration and starvation.


We admire men and women who go through great lengths just to help and save animals in dire need. So when I saw what this exceptional street rescuer did, I was in awe.

But the video is not just about her nobility or of the dedication of people like her. It is a call---a plea to help make a difference.

According to the description on the video, the woman heard that some people dumped their dogs in a vast quarry in a Los Angeles, and that there were stray dogs in there too....

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This Dog’s Reaction While Being Scolded is One of the Cutest Ever!

This border collie knows how to use her charms!


Dogs that act like guilty little babies are the most delightful thing to watch. The video below is one perfect example.

C.J. Huffman came home and found it in disarray. He caught his roommate's dog, a female border collie named Lilo, chewing on a bed his friend just bought. The fluff was everywhere and he was very upset because he had to clean everything up.

After cleaning up the mess the naughty dog created, C.J sat down and relaxed. Lilo sat next to him....

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