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Woman Refused To Give Her Number Until She Found Out He’s A Celebrity





What does a woman look for in a man? A handsome face? Great personality? Kind attitude? Great sense of humor? I often hear men joke about girls falling for wealth and fame. Some men say that they could get any gorgeous girl they want even though they’re not that young or handsome, as long as they’re driving a really nice and expensive car or have a famous family name. Unfortunately, there’s some truth in that.

I hate to admit it, but there are some women out there who instantly fall for men just because they’re rich and famous…like this girl in the video.

Coby Persin is an actor and a model who has his own YouTube channel that features various kinds of pranks. In one of his many social experiments, Coby, dressed up like an ordinary college boy,  walks up to a beautiful girl and starts to chat with her. He wanted to see if the girl would give him her phone number, but he was rejected so he just wished her luck and left.

A few minutes later, thanks to the help of some fake fans and some photographers, Coby returned to the scene with a vengeance!

Watch the video:

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The girl went crazy over Coby when he came back in a luxury car with all those bodyguards. She didn’t even recognize that he was the same guy she rejected 45 minutes earlier. And after seeing the fans and the media men, she tried to get closer to him, gave her number nonchalantly, said yes to coming with him back to his hotel room, and blatantly denied having a boyfriend!

What can you say about this prank? What do you folks think about the girl’s attitude? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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