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Clever Seagull Gets Yummy Treats By Doing A Hilarious Trick

This impressive creature gets what he wants by entertaining humans. Check out what he does in this awesome video.

Getting what we want may not always be an easy task. In fact, there are certain times that it is quite difficult to even ask for it especially if some feelings get in the way.

Humans are like that. They make things more difficult for themselves by feeling things like pride, guilt, and fear. Fortunately, this one creature that has gone viral over the Internet is far from being human.

An especially talented seagull from the United Kingdom’s northern-most country, Scotland, caught the attention of some passing humans. Like any other animal, this seagull wants a snack. But what he did to get it can pass as something extraordinary considering his species.

Check out the video posted over YouTube by user MrTomostan.

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In the video, a couple of seagulls approach the parked van. But this one seagull pulls off a sort of dance that looks so much like the trending dance craze “Running Man.”

Clearly impressed, the humans give him a snack every time the bird begins dancing.

Some people who were able to watch the video were pleased at the sight.

“What an adorable bird! So sweet. Thank you for brightening my day,” one of them wrote.

“How much for the seagull??” another asked, wanting to take home the talented seagull.

There is no way to tell whether the seagull really is doing a dance but one thing is
sure: he gets snacks by doing it so he’ll probably do it again.

Plus, other seagulls could learn a valuable lesson from this feathered dude:

“If you got swag, you get a snack.”

Can’t get enough of this talented animal? Watch it again and share it with your friends so they can be a bit happier today. Who knows? You might be doing the world a favor by brightening it up with this “Running Seagull” video.


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