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Christian Church Destroyed By ISIS Is Being Rebuilt By Muslims





Touching moments like this definitely restore our faith in humanity and reminds us that, yes, it is actually possible for people to live in harmony – regardless of their differences or their religious preferences.

In a viral social media post, we learn that a group of Muslim volunteers in Mosul, Iraq are working together to help rebuild a Christian church in the area.

The Monastery of Mar Georges in Al Arabi, Mosul was destroyed by terrorists.

The photos were shared by Facebook group This Is Christian Iraq and we see how Muslims volunteered to rebuild the Monastery of Mar Georges in Al Arabi, which was destroyed following terrorist attacks in Mosul.

The volunteers stepped up to help local Christians realize that “Mosul is yours as it’s ours” and “our differences are our strength.”

The post reads:

“Young Muslim volunteers from that neighborhood headed to the Monastery of Mar Georges to clean it up and repair it and to show that “Mosul is yours as it’s ours” and “our differences are our strength”.”

The photos were taken on location by Mohammed Al-Zakaria.

They were later shared via the Facebook page of This Is Christian Iraq.

Netizens are all praises for the services performed by the Muslim group.

In fact, many commented on the page to send out positive thoughts about the project.

For example, Rob Thomas wrote:

“So good to see after so much carnage. This is the way to peace.”

Carlos Moran Florez added:

“That’s what we never see in the news Living together as brothers and sisters is possible. Different religion? Yes, of course. But we have the same Creator.. The One that gives life to all of us so that we can know each other and love each other.”

Meanwhile, Dede Marice Siregar shared:

“Last year, a terrorist bombed our church. The Muslims helped to rebuild too. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians can live peacefully. It’s not always easy, but here in Indonesia we make it work. Peace out, Iraqis!”

Good job to all the Muslim volunteers!

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