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How You Can Save Yourself From Choking In Case You Are Alone





Choking often occurs when a piece of food, or even liquid in some instances, blocks the airway and prevents a person from breathing effectively. Although a simple chocking can only result to cough, it may also lead to death in a worst case scenario.

That’s why administering proper first aid is extremely crucial during the first few minutes of choking.

But what do you do if you experience choking but you are all alone at home, for example? Is it possible to save your own life if there’s no one around to perform the Heimlich maneuver?

The answer, fortunately, is a resounding ‘yes.’

Firefighter and paramedic Jeff Rehman came up with a solution that he picked up from a boxing coach. Actually, the coach taught him this technique as an ab-strengthening exercise.

Not too long after that, Jeff realized that the move had a side effect – a large expulsion of air. So combining his medical know-how with his background in boxing, he figured out that this could be an effective choking first aid.

Although Jeff is quick to point out that the technique would not be ideal for pregnant women or for other individuals who are unable to kneel on the floor, this would be a good solution for anyone else who experiences choking while they are home alone, for example.

Go watch the first aid video here:

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So far, the helpful instructional video has already been viewed millions of times in YouTube. Netizens who’ve seen it are thankful of the new-found knowledge that the firefighter generously shared.

For example, Tracker Buckmann left a hilarious but appreciative comment. He wrote:

“You probably just saved me from a really embarrassing obituary. Thank you.”

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