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Dashcam Video Shows Hero Cop Saving 3-Week-Old Baby




  • Officer Cameron Maciejewski of the Sterliing Heights Police Department in Michigan has been hailed as a hero for saving the life of a 3-week-old baby.
  • The infant experienced breathing difficulties because of choking and the heroic cop immediately rushed to the rescue.
  • Everything was captured on film through the police car’s dash camera and the video immediately caught viral attention on social media.

A police officer from Michigan’s Sterling Heights Police Department has been praised by netizens for his heroism. As can be seen in the dash camera footage that has since gone viral online, Officer Cameron Maciejewski bravely saved a choking 3-week-old baby girl.

Maciejewski arrived at the scene after receiving a call from worried family members. The crying mother rushed to the police vehicle to seek help for her child, who has been struggling to breathe.

You can just tell the terror from the mother’s voice…

He tried to calm her down, personally checked the infant and then quickly performed the needed first aid. In a few moments, the child’s airway has been cleared and started crying.

The baby girl was later brought to a nearby medical facility for evaluation.

Fortunately, Officer Maciejewski has received ample training on giving first aid.

According to the department:

“If it wasn’t for Officer Maciejewski’s quick, calm, lifesaving actions, the outcome of this incident could have been tragically different. Not only did the officer save the baby, but the officer did an outstanding job consoling the family.”

Hats off to you, officer!

Maciejewski, on the other hand, said he did his best to stay calm under pressure by remembering what he learned during his training.

“If I start freaking or if I can’t handle myself or handle my cool it just escalates everything for the family,” he explained.

Watch the video here:

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