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7 Basic First Aid Hacks That Could Save Your Life

Be prepared for any type of medical emergency.

Nobelle Borines





There is little doubt that first aid can save lives. After all, accidents can happen at any time and it always pays to be prepared. Although people need to be trained in order to use the right method, you can always follow these easy hacks just in case of emergencies.

You never know when you will be needing first aid so it is best to have some basic knowledge. Here are some easy hacks that might help you save someone or your own life.

1. Use glue to remove a splinter

People are quick to grab their tweezers when they get splinters. However, you can easily use glue to extract an errant piece of wood. Put some craft glue on the skin over the splinter, let dry, then peel off. The splinter will come off along with the dried glue.

2. Learn how to deal with a jellyfish sting

Pop culture dictates that one must urinate on a jellyfish sting but this could only make things worse. The best way to deal with a sting is to use a credit card to remove the tentacles. A combination of hot water and vinegar will ease the pain and sanitize the affected area.

3. Always bring naloxone

Naloxone is an important medication that can block the effects of opiods like heroin. Not surprisingly, people are urged to always carry Narcan if they know someone who might have an opioid use disorder. Luckily, naloxone is easily available at a low cost.

4. Know how to use an EpiPen

Not everyone has a tendency to have a severe allergic reaction. Nevertheless, it is still important to learn how to administer an EpiPen in case the patient is unable to use it.

5. Add the Poison Prevention Hotline to your speed dial

The toll-free number will connect you to a specially trained nurse, pharmacist, or doctor who can tell you what needs to be done with the patient.

6. Practice using hands-only CPR to your favorite tune

Mouth-to-mouth is important but it isn’t the only necessary thing you need to save a life. Learning the proper way to provide chest compression is easy since you only need to press to the beat of any song that is 100 beats per minute. Interestingly, “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees and Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” are ideal tunes for CPR.

7. Be aware of the symptoms of heart attacks, stroke, or low blood sugar

Nausea, cold sweat, and a squeezing sensation in the chest and arms are signs of a possible heart attack. Stroke is usually preceded by numbness in only one side of the body and loss of eyesight. Additionally, the symptoms of hypoglycemia include dizziness, shaking, sweating, and rapid heartbeat.


Is It Okay To Reuse Cooking Oil? Experts Explain Why You Shouldn’t!

Do you reuse oil? This might make you think twice!

Mark Andrew



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Not actually, according to experts. In a Go Ask Alice! post, we learn that doing so exposes us to serious health risks.

Is it okay to reuse grease?

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This Needle-Less Alternative to Stitches Is the New and Easy Way to Close Surface Wounds

The non-invasive approach prevents further puncturing of the skin.




Open wounds are critical to close and heal as they can cause serious infections. Wound closure devices, like sutures, surgical staples, and skin glues have been helpful in aiding this healing process. However, they also do some damage because of the puncturing and crushing of the skin.

Today, there is a non-invasive alternative to stitches and staples that prevents further damage to the skin. Called the DermaClip, the single-use, needle-less device promotes healthy skin closure and wound healing. It is also simple and easy to use.

The device, made up of two pieces of adhesive joined by a polypropylene bridge, is applied to the edges of the wound and closed by pulling the tabs in opposing directions.

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9 Things That Will Happen To Your Body If You Eat Two Eggs Daily

#8 will make you add eggs to your daily diet.




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While a lot of people are still convinced that eggs are one of the healthiest options out there, others are scared to add them to their diet. But before you totally scratch off eggs from your grocery list, here are the nine benefits of eating a couple of eggs a day.

1. Reduces risk of cancer

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