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7 Ways Children’s Lives Are Destroyed When Parents Cheat





These days, more and more kids are growing up without both parents living together. Families are more open to this scenario and many divorced couples can still manage to set their differences aside for the sake of their kids. Sometimes, marriages just can’t work despite fighting so hard to keep it. Although young children will soon understand why you and your spouse never lasted, it’s a different story if infidelity is involved.

Each bad decision you make that you know will destroy your relationship with your husband or wife will leave an even bigger hole in the hearts of the kids. Things will never be the same. Cheating means it’s okay to destroy your children’s lives.

Here are 7 ways you’re hurting your kids when you decide to be unfaithful.

#1. Children will likely grow up to become unfaithful to their spouses.

A clinical psychologist said that about 55 percent of children coming from families where one of the parents has cheated will likely become cheaters in their adulthood. Your child sees you as a role model and whatever you do, even if it’s wrong, is fine in their eyes.

#2. Children can feel the worst betrayal.

Source: YMI

It’s bad enough to get betrayed by a boyfriend, friend or even relatives, but none can be more hurtful than being betrayed by a parent. If you’ve betrayed your kids by cheating on your partner, what else could you do to fail them?

#3. Children learn not to trust anyone.

Seventy-five percent of children who have unfaithful parents usually have trust issues, according to Huffington Post. This can affect their future relationships since trust is an important ingredient to make things work.

#4. They will grow up with insecurities.

Children who have seen a parent abandoning the other will tend to develop insecurities and grow up with fear of abandonment. In the future, these people are those that tend to push away others who have shown them genuine love and care, fearing that they’ll end up leaving at some point.

#5. They find it hard to believe in love.

Since children with unfaithful parents usually have trust issues, it will be hard for them to find a healthy and lasting relationship built on love.

#6. They end up choosing sides.

Source: imom

Children will feel compelled to choose sides when one parent decide to be unfaithful. It is important for children to have both parents with them.

#7. The emotional damage can last for a long time.

Source: Huffpost

The damage brought about by an unfaithful parent does not end when the couple splits. The pain from the betrayal will linger on for a very long time.

If you have kids, think carefully about every decision you make, especially when you decide to cheat on your spouse.

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