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This Guy Pretended To Be A Teenage Boy To Prey On Young Girls. What Happened Next Is Shocking!





Social media sites have been primarily created to provide users with an effective tool that allows them to communicate and interact with others. However, the technology is sometimes exploited and abused by others for evil purposes. For instance, pedophiles use it to find potential victims.

Despite age restrictions implemented by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes, minors find their way so they can register for an online account on these sites. Unfortunately, many online predators are out there, making it difficult for more parents to watch over their children all the time. Also, it is a shame that not all parents fully understand the great dangers of letting young ones use the internet irresponsibly.

To illustrate a point, YouTube prankster Coby Persin came up with another social experiment.

Coby Persin shows how easy it is for pedophiles to pick up young girls on social media.


Photo credit: Coby Persin

With approval from the girls’ parents, Persin disguised via an online persona and pretended to be a cute 15-year-old boy. He then contacted the girls through the internet and tested if they will be willing to meet with him.

After several exchange of conversations, all of his victims ate the bait and instantly agreed to meet him in person – some even carelessly gave their home address. What followed next was possibly a lesson the girls will never forget.

Watch the video here:

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Well good for them, everything was just a hoax. If not, things would have been really ugly.

The internet will always be a vast place to explore. However, everything we do online and offline has its own possible consequences. More today than ever, parents should emphasize the importance of internet safety to guard their children from potential predators.


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