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Behold, The Mysteriously Beautiful Rocks Of Vottovaara

No, this isn’t an optical illusion. And yes, these rock formations have baffled most people!


The mountain of Vottovaara, which is located twenty kilometers southeast of the Sukkajärvi in Karelia region of Russia, may not be a hugely popular tourist destination yet, but its unique attractions are definitely worthy of crowds.

The region was once covered by a sheet of ice that was seven kilometers thick. Then, about 9,000 to 10,000 years ago, the ice started to melt. It is believed that the region’s environmental conditions are responsible for the highly unusual rock formations on Vottovaara Mountain.

A huge boulder resting on rocks.

The Weird Russia website explained that when the ice sheet melted those years ago, it left behind strangely shaped boulders and rock formations which were considered sacred to the Saami people.

Nobody can explain why this looks like a machine was used to cut it.

Nobody can explain why this looks like a machine was used to cut it.

The Saami people are described as “the people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi, which, these days, encompasses parts of far northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Kola Peninsula of Russia, and surrounding area of the border between the southern and central parts of Sweden and Norway.”

This is not an optical illusion.

This is not an optical illusion.

That said, one really has to see the so-called “mysterious” rock features to appreciate them.

The rock formations are considered mystical by some people.

The rock formations are considered mystical by some people.

In fact, we must say that the word “mysterious” doesn’t exactly do them justice. They’re like works of art created by nature. We may not be able to explain how they got to be that way, but we know that they’re beautiful and mind-blowing. They are unique to Vottovaara Mountain.

It looks like a machine was also used to cut up the rock components.

It looks like a machine was also used to cut up the rock components.

“One of the most striking features among Vottovaara’s famed rock formations include a large boulder propped up by smaller stones. Another interesting rock looks like a flight of stairs while another one looks like a precisely cut pool,” revealed Amusing Planet.

Did nature really “carve” these “stairs”?

Did nature really "carve" these "stairs"?


Due to the formation of the rocks, there’s some superstition surrounding Vottovaara. Apparently, there are people who think that it is “a bridge to the another world.” Others have even nicknamed it “Death Mountain.”

Some believe that Vottovaara Mountain is “a bridge to another world.”

Some believe that Vottovaara Mountain is "a bridge to another world."

The Karelia Tourist Portal reveals, “In recent years, Death Mountain has become a place of pilgrimage for followers of different mystical trends.” On the other hand, one can just appreciate the rock formations as geological wonders and nothing more.


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