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Cheating Partners Reveal Reasons For Infidelity And Confess How They Choose Affair Partner

A survey reveals why men and women cheat on their partners and they confess how they choose their affair partners.

Donna Marie Padua





Romantic relationships and marriages are often tested by temptations. The world has already been open to the idea though that men these days are pretty much capable of cheating on their partners. Women are, of course, no excuse for infidelity, and this survey will show why people cheat and how they actually choose their affair partners.

Feeling incomplete and unsatisfied in a relationship shouldn’t be an excuse for cheating. These issues can be resolved when partners try to sit down and talk about what’s missing in their relationship. But in reality, people, most especially men according to this survey and study, try to find what’s deficit in their love lives from others so they can come back to their partners happier.

Men and women try to justify their infidelity in a survey.

Some unfaithful men were questioned on why they engage in steamy affairs with others. They were also asked what their preferences are when it comes to looking for their “other woman.” And from an Ashley Madison survey, it was revealed that selecting extramarital partners is far more calculated and premeditated than a committed man hitting on sexy, young women they meet in a bar.

1300 men were questioned for the survey and these include Australians. 27 percent of them admitted they would rather consider a friend or co-worker for an affair f they are to find themselves unhappy in their current relationships.

We often believe that the ‘other woman’ will be someone like a mysterious or seductive temptress. But the reality is that a man having an affair will likely be with someone he knows. There is a 23 percent of the population though who said that they would be content with meeting a stranger during a trip. They confessed though that these affairs happen in an attempt to be ‘happier’ in their marriage rather than damaging it.

A staggering 99 percent of these men admitted to either cheating or contemplating cheating. And from the reasons they have for falling into temptation, it appears that a satisfying sex is the main motivator for them to actively seek out an extramarital affair.

In line with this cheating dilemma, the Ashley Madison VP of Communications Paul Keable said that their online dating service was put up for people who want to pursue a ‘side relationship’ without the risk of being caught when you choose a partner from your social or professional spheres. He said:

“Rather than get involved with someone in your social circle, or worse, your professional circle, we offer a place for people to come and pursue a more successful affair with like-minded married daters where there is a far lesser chance of being discovered.”

It was found out that men prefer to cheat with someone they already know while women opt for their co-workers.

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On the other hand, women were also asked in a survey about their take on extramarital affairs. Surprisingly, 39 percent of the women asked revealed they have cheated on a partner. Only 35 percent admitted to thinking about doing it.

The survey revealed that most women felt compelled to engage in their first affair after having kids. 54 percent of them said they had their first attempt to date others after childbirth. And where do they find their “other partners?” 15 percent said their co-workers would be the first option for an affair partner and 17 percent said they fantasize about their boss.

People who participated in the survey have however said they only cheat on their partners to put back the spark in their relationship.

Shockingly, women seem to be tempted by physical attributes with 43 percent saying their affairs were purely physical. Only 5 percent of them said their extramarital partners were more educated than their legal partners.

Overall, most of the men and women who participated in the survey claim that their infidelity was in an attempt to spice up their love lives. However, 38 percent of the women can go with sex toys, role plays or threesomes to help reinvigorate their sex life with their spouse.


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