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5 Comics That Accurately Capture How The World Can Be Unfair For Mothers Sometimes





Although parenthood can undoubtedly be an exciting phase, it can likewise be really, really challenging. Just ask any parent, new or experienced, about this and you will probably get an enthusiastic nod.

Besides, being a parent requires a lot of hard work, patience, and sacrifice. Fathers and mothers strive to fulfill their unique but equally important roles in order to provide for their kids’ needs and to raise them up as good people.

It is, however, hilariously unfortunate that the world can be sometimes unfair in how it treats mothers sometimes. Even when dads and moms do the same thing, they usually receive different reactions from people.

This is exactly what Chaunie Brusie tries to depict in her comics.

A freelance writer by profession, Brusie also illustrates comic strips on the side and we see some of her work below. Published by parenting site Babble, the comics accurately captures some scenarios which, as a mother of four, may have been drawn from her personal experiences.

Check out the comics below and see if you can relate with some of these:

#1. At the park:

chaunie brusie dad vs mom comics 1 (1)

#2. At the doctor’s office:

chaunie brusie dad vs mom comics 1 (2)

#3. Getting your hair cut:

chaunie brusie dad vs mom comics 1 (3)

#4. At the grocery store:

chaunie brusie dad vs mom comics 1 (4)

#5. Out with your friends:

chaunie brusie dad vs mom comics 1 (5)

Well, it does feel like that way sometimes, doesn’t it? You think you’re doing your best as a parent and yet people can still have negative opinions about you.

What do you think about these comics, dear mothers? Have you experienced the same discrimination as in the strips shown above? Go hit the comment section and tell us about it. Also, don’t forget to share this funny comic with your friends!

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