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Champion Surfer Sacrifices Win for a Paralyzed Man…We Need More Men Like Him!





Martin Passeri of Argentina was the front-runner to win the country’s annual surfing championship. On the day of the competition, everybody was eagerly waiting to watch the ride of the five-time champion. But everyone was surprised when instead of going directly to catch his wave, he stopped on the sand and approached a man in a wheelchair.

The man, Nicolas Gallegos, got paralyzed from the waist down when he was 18. This ended his dream to surf short. Little did he know that twenty years after his accident, his lifelong dream will be fulfilled.

Watch the video:

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Passeri picked Gallegos up and took him on the board and together they surfed. As they fell into the water, the other surfers congratulated the duo on this heartwarming display.

Passeri was reportedly disqualified from the tournament, but the man didn’t care.

“I believe that was the biggest wave and the biggest triumph of my life,” Passeri said afterwards. It certainly was, Martin. More power to you!

H/T: usatoday

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