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Badass Cat Gets Revenge At Abusive Owner Who Kicked Him Off the Chair!

Instant karma.


This is a lesson to all of you who hurt animals. This man did and got Kitty’s well-deserved revenge.

The fluffy ginger cat was snoozing peacefully on the chair when his owner walks over to him and pries him out of the chair. Not contented with what he did, he also kicked the poor thing on its side.

The owner sat down on the chair to strum his guitar while the camera’s plays on. The sulking cat walked up the stairs and walked past some potted plants. Uh oh.

Watch the video and see how it all went down.

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Oh man, that must really hurt! You can see the man clutching his head in pain and checking it for injuries. As the heavy pot fell on his head, the cat runs away and completes its revenge. As painful as it looks like, I couldn’t help but laugh when the thing fell solidly on his head. He deserves it, as far as I’m concerned.


20 Real Photos That You Will Never Believe Were Not Photoshopped! #8 is Too Awesome!

These photos are for real?! I’m officially mindblown!

Fake photos are not uncommon on the internet. Blame it on photoshop, dude, and on people who create fake photos like their life depended on it. That is why whenever we see weird photos in the world wild wide web, our instincts first tell us that it's fake and is only a product of someone's fertile imagination. However, this is not always the case.

Take these awesome photos as perfect examples. Wacky Wednesday created a video compilation of twenty amazing photos that look photoshopped but actually aren't. These awesome shots were perfectly timed and were taken at a perfect angle, thus creating an image that looks unreal. From a tennis court in the sky to goats that climb walls and a half headed man, these amazing photos will definitely astonish you - and confuse you about what is real and what is fake.

Watch the awesome video compilation:

Now I don't know what to believe anymore! But I guess, whenever we see weird photos on the net, a little research and background check won't hurt.

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Man Discovers Ancient Underground City After Knocking Down a Wall During House Renovation

Remember when they said that Atlantis isn’t real? Well, this might just change your mind.

Remember when they said that Atlantis isn’t real? Well, this might just change your mind. It was during the year of 1963 when a common civilian from Cappadocia, Turkey decided to restore his old house and to his amazement, found something far more interesting behind the walls of his ancestral home. Apparently, an underground city believed to be a thousand years old has been waiting to reveal itself.

Experts say that the newly-discovered city is believed to be the lost stone city of Derinkuyu. “Derinkuyu would’ve been a massive undertaking for anyone, even in modern times,” John Brandenburg, an engineer, said on the History channel. “But, in those days, it would’ve been stupendous. Equal to the pyramids (of Egypt)”, he added.

A man knocked down a wall in his house and discovered an underground city.


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This Badass 13-year-old Girl Might Be The World’s Best Female Rock Climber!

Not your usual 13-year-old girl and she might be the world’s best female rock climber.

Anyone might say that rock climbing is out of her league since the sport is mostly done by men but this girl will prove you wrong. At a very young age of 13, she's rocking her sport as one of the top female rock climbers in the world.

Ashima Shiraishi was only 7 years old when she started climbing, scaling boulders in central park since she lives in New York City. She is also breaking records among females and adults during her recent climb which is considered to be the toughest climb ever done by a woman in Santa Linya, Spain.

Another amazing fact is that only two women in history was able to climb a difficulty level below 5.14d  and Ashima topped that with her climb rated 5.15a, a level believed to be completed only by the world's best male climbers. How cool is that!

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