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Badass Cat Gets Revenge At Abusive Owner Who Kicked Him Off the Chair!





This is a lesson to all of you who hurt animals. This man did and got Kitty’s well-deserved revenge.

The fluffy ginger cat was snoozing peacefully on the chair when his owner walks over to him and pries him out of the chair. Not contented with what he did, he also kicked the poor thing on its side.

The owner sat down on the chair to strum his guitar while the camera’s plays on. The sulking cat walked up the stairs and walked past some potted plants. Uh oh.

Watch the video and see how it all went down.

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Oh man, that must really hurt! You can see the man clutching his head in pain and checking it for injuries. As the heavy pot fell on his head, the cat runs away and completes its revenge. As painful as it looks like, I couldn’t help but laugh when the thing fell solidly on his head. He deserves it, as far as I’m concerned.

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